Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Book

Since school and work are now in full swing I am going to take down my monthly book reading goal down to 1. I'm excited for this one because I have been on the waiting list forever at the library and It's gotten great reviews. I'm still working my way through Water for Elephants. It's really good so far...but just to warn you there's one really awkward part that I have come across so far, it has to do with a topless performer. So, if you ever choose to read the book just skip it when they start talking about her. It's in the first 80-90 pages I think.

I've heard a lot lately about the Hunger Game series so I thought I would check the first one out, well...I am currently number 505 on the list : ) So, I will be reading it when I'm oh...65. But, I'll let ya know how this book is. 

Remember, if you have a goodreads account or are planning on making one add me so we can share books!!!

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  1. I just finished The Help last week and loved it! Now I am re-reading the first two Hunger Games books (fabulous) before I start the third one. And I read Water for Elephant earlier this summer (we must have the same recommendations for books!) and thought the same thing about the topless chick...totally could have done without that visual! :)