Monday, August 23, 2010

My Monday Happy List

Mondays are usually not my most favorite day, but I am trying to be more positive so without further ado,

Today I am happy because...

1. The weather is perfect 
2. I had this delicious stuff on toast this morning (way better than peanut butter)
3. Mrs. Meyers GERANIUM scented dish soap. Smells like heaven. I really want ALL of her cleaning products in this scent. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!!!

3. Yes this is another cleaning product, but that's what I'm doing today. Again smells divine and no harsh chemicals, au naturale.

4. I Like It - by Enrique ft. Pitbull, I don't know why but I am just obsessed with this song right now. It's actually playing while we speak : )

5. This sweet boy. He makes me smile every day. I love him so much.

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