Monday, May 17, 2010

it was just one of THOSE days.

Yes, it was one of those days where you drive yourself home  fuming, replaying the days events in your head. About half way home, I decided that I could either choose to be pissed off for rest of the night, or make the negative events of the day positive. I tried to latter. 

NEGATIVE: I had to spend two hours with rowdy hormonally challenged junior high students. They were rude, had no manners and were slightly vulgar. 
POSITIVE: I went to the junior high to talk to the kids about seat belt safety. I can just hope that through all of the games and running around that one of those kids will choose to wear a seat belt that will save their life.

NEGATIVE: I had to drive to Ogden this morning for my internship, drive to Layton to work, drive back to Ogden for my internship and then arrived home 12 hours later. Sucky.
POSITIVE: I am getting priceless experience in my career field (which I love), and get paid for it. I'm a lucky girl

NEGATIVE: A creepy guy followed me from Riverdale to the Health Department in Ogden to tell me I cut him off as we were merging from Riverdale to I-15. Too bad I got on the freeway three exits before him, and drive in the far left lane all the way to my exit in Ogden. It was awkward when I told him that he had followed the wrong car all the way to Ogden. Get a hobby dude.
POSITIVE: At least I really didn't cut that guy off, talk about awkward.

NEGATIVE: After my 11 hour day I had to go to Costco to get some of necessities. Of course I got the loudest and squeakiest shopping cart their. It sounded like I kept rolling over a cat again and again and again. Yes everyone was looking at me, awkward.
POSITIVE: I would like to think that every one was admiring me because I was getting groceries after a long day at work so my sweet husband could have milk with his cereal...probably not, but it's a nice dream.

NEGATIVE: To top it all off, while I was bringing in my groceries I pulled my doorknob off my back door. Yes, let me repeat myself my door knob actually fell off my door. It was super-glued on there, cool huh? Was not in the mood for that.
POSITIVE: I pulled my door knob off my back door. It's funny now that I'm looking back at it, and I get a new door handle, thats cool.

As I look back on my day, yes it was not fun today, but I have lots to laugh about tomorrow.

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