Friday, January 10, 2014


Every time I sit down to write a new blog post I think, "why the heck don't I do this more? I love this" Because really, I love it, writing gets me in my groove, in a good good way. So, like all preceding blogging years I am going to try to be better at writing my thoughts via blogger because it makes me happy. Plus, everyone needs a good solid new year's resolutions blog post, yes?

This year is oh so different than last year. While I was pregnant for most of last year, most everything stayed the same until October 8th. Then, those last 3 months were full of adjustments and changes. Honestly, I haven't even had a chance to get situated because of holidays, my missionary brother, and learning how to balance working from home and being a mommy. Every event has been wonderful and exciting, but it's hindered my chance to make a day-to-day schedule.

With that being said, I highly recommend spending the first two weeks of a new year on a tropical island relaxing. I've actually been able to sit on the beach, cuddling my baby and thinking about what I want for us in 2014. Idyllic. I've seen a bunch of my bloggie crushes pick a single word for 2014 to live by personally, so while I've been taking in the sand and the sea, I've been racking my brain for "the word". As of yesterday I was pretty sure that I had settled on "discipline". You see, I've lost all of my baby weight, but still have the excess that I've been wanting to get rid of for several years. I wasn't 100% sold though though, it didn't seem like much of an enjoyable word or something that I wanted to be 100% focused on for a whole year. Maybe I'm just a wuss.

Tonight I was relaxing, and cuddling the babe (maybe I'll call her my muse), and looked up above my MIL's TV and saw the word "cherish" up on her wall and instantly fell in love. The definition of cherish is to protect and care for someone or something lovingly. Isn't that the best word and idea to plunge into this new year with?

I want to cherish the beauty that is my life. I want to cherish my days learning how to balance work, motherhood, and running a home. I want to cherish my puppiesl I want to cherish the chance to learn new things. I want to cherish my body and soul (see I'm disciplined enough to tie in discipline.) Mostly, I want to cherish the little moments with j.rue and Ellie. My little butter-ball cheeked baby is growing up way too quickly. She's learning and doing new things each day and getting chunkier by the hour. She amazes me. I want to spend every waking minute with her that I can, and that means worrying less about work and house chores.

Yesterday was my 5 year anniversary. J.rue and I hiked and napped and went to dinner with just the two of us. We went to a little hole in the wall that served the most delicious shrimp and local fare and while we love a fancy anniversary meal as the next, we love holes in the wall. Best food, as long as you can look past that they might not be 100% up to the health codes. Just kidding...we hope. The best part of the whole day was taking about what we want for our 6th year of marriage. It's quite convenient that our anniversary is only 9 days after the new year begins. I wanted to clue him in on my "word" and It was so refreshing to have that conversation, to talk about goals, improvements that need to be made, adventures we want to take. I fell even further for that sweet boy that I call my husband last night and am resolved to be a better wife. Oh I love him so. And isn't he just the sweetest daddy?

So there you have it. Out with the old and in with the new! I can hardly wait to see what 2014 has for us.

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  1. I love it! You look great and so happy, congratulations!