Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Helicopter

A couple weeks ago we met up with my mom at her school in SLC for an event they did for their students. They had police cars, fire engines, crash simulators, and a ton of other response and emergency vehicles for the kids to check out. The coolest part was the life flight helicopter that landed right on the field. As we got out of the car I could hear it coming and we had made it just in time!

Fitz loves anything flying in the air lately, so he was in heaven watching the helicopter land. Ellie thought it was pretty cool too once it got close to the ground. Of course, when given the opportunity to go and check it out, did they care? No. I think Fitz will in a few years but Ellie was just obsessed with the playground. Silly kids. They did love running around it and when it was time for the helicopter to take off, Fitz was not ready to evacuate the premises.

While we waited for my mom the kids enjoyed running around the playground. It really was an amazing playground. It had everything you could ever dream of, plus some. Fitz was a good little brother and followed Ellie to and from her every whim. We will definitely be putting this one on our list of playgrounds to visit this summer.

Once my mom got their she showed the kids another secret playground that had sand and water and music galore. We could have spent all day. Fitz is a bit of a scardy cat when it comes to slides. My mom had to coax him down even the tiniest of slides. It's been very interesting going from a daredevil child to a more cautious one.

After we finished up playing we got some corn dogs from the food truck and spent some time looking at all of the fun trucks and cars. We got Ellie and Fitz a corndog to share and Ellie ended up passing and Fitz finished the whole dang thing. It was almost as big as him. There were also some service dogs in training that my kids couldn't get enough of.  They loved petting them. Fitz did get his feelings hurt when I told him he wasn't allowed to share his corn dog.

We had such a fun afternoon and loved spending the time with my mom. We don't get to see her nearly enough. Thanks Mimi!

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