Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pregnancy #3 // 0-18 weeks

I have officially crawled out of the first trimester hole and want to make sure that it's documented, even though 98% of it involves me laying on the couch. I'm due September 30th with our second boy! Y, es it seems that we are on some kind of schedule. When this baby is born Fitz will have (hopefully) just turned 2 and Ellie will be 4 at the beginning of October. Yes, people think we're crazy, but I just want my whole family here. Having a baby in the early fall is pretty great too. And yes, I also know I will be pregnant all summer. I've done it twice. It's not bad, but I don't know any different. Just get me all my babies!

I have to be totally honest, this pregnancy was, and sometimes still is, a huge leap of faith. Fitz's first year of life was one of my hardest. It wasn't completely his fault, but his disdain for sleep was a big contributing factor. Really, in all honesty though, it was the hormones and a lot of growing up that needed to happen anyway. I still wouldn't trade it. It was However, once Fitz turned one, he became a dream napper and night sleeper, just like that! I was finally able to start working out regularly. I didn't feel overwhelmed by life in general. Oh, and I stopped nursing, which I'm pretty sure caused a ridiculous amount of anxiety on its own. I finally felt like myself and it was a beautiful thing.

When Fitz turned 1, I knew our next baby was itching to get here. I had been fighting it and would continue to do so, well, until I got pregnant. I didn't want to give up my body or energy again. Mostly, I didn't want to give up the feeling of finally feeling like I was an active participant in my life again. Sound dramatic? I tend to do that, but it's true.

I got a positive pregnancy test on January 21st and I was nothing but ecstatic. The realization didn't sink in until later and then all of the worries set in. I have kind of miserable first trimesters with lots of throwing up. So my first order of business was to convince myself that this pregnancy would be different. I made it until about 6 weeks and then the nausea set in. Luckily, Diclegis had been invented since my pregnancy with Fitz and while I felt consistent nausea and exhaustion I only threw up when I forgot to take my meds the night before. It was a heaven sent blessing.

Those 8 weeks are always the hardest for me, and they get more and more so each time because I still have tiny people who need me constantly. When I was pregnant with Fitz I would lay on the couch and throw pieces of bread at Ellie to feed her until Jeremy got home while intermittently throwing up. It was ridiculous. Luckily, this time there were only a few days where I couldn't look at food, but still, we made it through our entire Disney library at least 19 times and have watched more Netflix than I'll ever admit. One of the things that I love about having September/October babies, I'm sick during February and March, and nothing exciting happens in February and March. By the time it warms up I feel great and am ready to hit the pools...in a maternity swimsuit (ugh!)

The kids handled it really well. They played together more than they ever have, and I've loved watching their relationship develop. Still, I think we were all excited to take off to Hawaii and get out of the house. Amazingly enough, the day after we got to Hawaii I got off of Diclegis and only had a few sick moments the whole 2 weeks. Since then I've felt pretty good in that regard and I thank my lucky stars every day! I still have several food aversions. This time it's guacamole, salads with meat, and eggs. The eggs have carried over all 3 pregnancies, which drives me nuts because it takes me almost 6 months after to get over it every time.

I'm still really really tired and I have a small disdain for all of the girls that get their energy back in the second trimester. Ok, not really, but I just really really wish that was me. My energy has gone up from zero though, so I can't complain too much. I've also noticed this time around that I have to budget my energy stores and it has been the most frustrating thing so far. If I wake up early, exercise, or just "go" too much during the day, I almost have a crash for the 2 days after. It's made sitting down throughout the day easier to justify, but so dumb when I'm trying to get things done, because getting up after sitting down is rough even when you're not pregnant. Am I right?! I've had to give myself a lot of grace and let a lot of things go, which is never easy.

As far as gender goes, I was super positive I was having a girl. Everyone else, EVERYONE, guessed boy, except you Melinda! Thanks for the support! Okay, and Ellie. Ellie really wants a sister still. We were so excited to find out we're having a boy though. It just feels right and Ellie took it surprisingly well. She's just going to be happy to have a tiny baby to take care of. I'm super excited, but a tiny bit nervous at the amount of freedom she thinks she's going to have. It's going to be the sweetest thing, I just know it. I couldn't stand to wait and surprise ourselves, so Jeremy and I found out and then we told Ellie and Fitz by spraying them with blue silly string. There had to be balloons involved too, of course. It was really fun! Since then, I have found all of the cutest baby things Target has to offer and we're basically ready to roll. Having the same gender is going to be so nice as far as reusing all of the things! We pretty much have a name nailed down, and I'm hoping it sticks, but knowing Jeremy and I, who knows!

So, here I am, 18 weeks in. I have once again given up my body and every ounce of energy I posses. I swear I started showing at 8 weeks...and the zits! It's worth it. I'm so excited for September, and am trying not to wish away the wonderful summer we have ahead of us. I want to soak in every second of Ellie and Fitz time I can get. They're getting so big. So, here we go!

Summer, we're ready for you!

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