Thursday, May 4, 2017

Life at Home with Ellie

As most of you know, my Ellie Bean is a social gal. Every morning when she wakes up she comes into my room, sweetly says, "rise and shine mama!" and then promptly asks where we are going and who we are seeing that day. After I ruin her day before it even starts, by telling her no where and no one, I coax a few more minutes of shut eye by handing her my phone, sending her to make her bed, and then snapping a picture to show me. It's only about 5 minutes, but this girl has gone from feeling totally incapable to a rockstar bed maker. Her photo skills are also improving.

But, because I have my annoying pregnancy energy crisis, we don't get out as much as she's used to. She's coming to terms with it more and more and has gotten very creative in the process. Above, she's doing her own form of exercise. It's lasted for about 30.5 seconds. Besides that, she spends her time bossing Fitz, evading naps, and asking for every snack under our roof. She has come up with "bedtime snacks", which she always needs right after I've told her it's nap/bedtime.

Tori moved home and every since then Ellie has been all about her Aunt Tori. She puts up with Ellie's most ridiculous requests and will even play endless games of ispy with her in the car. I don't know where Tori gets her patience. Where ever she gets it, it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Ellie happily shoos me out of the house anytime Tori is over. She doesn't quite get yet that I also like to spend time with Aunt Tori and isn't happy when she has to share.

My favorite thing about spending extra time at home is watching Ellie and Fitz learn to play together. There are times when he drives her absolute nuts and she tries to stick him in time out. On the other end of the spectrum she cries actual tears of sadness when she finds out I've put him down for a nap. But really, for the most part they do pretty well. Their favorite place to hide out together is in Ellie's bed. She's load him up with lots of books and they'll spend tons of time just giggling and looking at pictures. The best was when she came down from one of their hangouts and she told me Fitz smelled like a smelly honey badger and needed a diaper change. That one gave me a good laugh. I've also noticed that when Fitz gets hurt or gets in trouble (by yours truly), he runs straight to Ellie's arms. It melts me into a puddle. He always has the best hugs and biggest puckers for her.

Ellie still misses her Uncle Cale and asks me to take pictures of her to send to him everyday. Cale and I share a love for The Office so we thought he would love this picture and Ellie was happy to oblige.

Anytime we do need to leave the house, she also thinks it needs to be documented...though I swear it's not that bad! Last week was particularly rainy (and snowy) so before she left she said that she looked so cute so we needed to get a porch picture! Haha, have I ruined her or what?

Tomorrow she's made me promise that we'll snuggle on the couch and watch Brave...after we go out and play with friend of course!

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