Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Temple Square in the Spring

Like I said before, I spent the beginning of the year laying on the couch, keeping the kids cooped up. Once we got back from Hawaii and got back on our time schedule, I tried to make it up to them a little bit.

Enter my friend Heidi, who is the best at doing fun things and planning fun things and then inviting us to join. She invited us to go with them down to SLC and see the flowers at temple square. It was so fun to get the kids together and see the beautiful temple grounds. I want this tree in my yard!

We took the kids into the visitors center to see the Christus and they loved that. Then we made them take a million pictures, which was their favorite. Aren't they the cutest though?

After we checked out every tulip, we headed over to City Creek for lunch. It was nothing short of a 3-ring circus with 5 kids, but Jeremy got to join us, so it was all worth it. Then we rewarded their poor behavior with the dinosaur play place. Who am I kidding? That was to reward our super mom status after eating with 5 kids.

We always love adventuring with the Allen family. We'd be bored without them!

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