Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BYU Fan Fest

We hit up the BYU Fan Fest yesterday and it was quite the experience. I'm not usually much for crowds, long lines, and football in general, but we did have a good time. Jeremy loved being there with his family, who are finally home! He's already counting down the days until football seasons. This helped fill that void for a moment though.

All of the kids basically ran around for 2 hours, playing games and throwing footballs at each other. While it's difficult to keep track of them, they are still so fun to watch. They also spent a good amount of time stuffing their faces with ice cream and cougar tails (which are donuts). Ellie loved seeing the cheerleaders and was on cloud 9 when she got to hold their poms and take a picture with them. Fitz was obviously less than impressed.

We waited in line for face paint of course. Ellie was stoked and again, Fitz couldn't be swayed one way or another. They both looked so dang cute though.

Here we have all of the obligatory family photos, that I of course love taking. It was fun to be all together again. I'm sure we'll have many more of these little outings coming up.

This is super random, but Ellie went to sleep over at Nana's and Papa's with her cousins that night so Fitz got some one on one mommy and daddy time. It was pretty late, but we spent a significant amount of time watching him struggle to lift these 3-5 lb. weights. There was some definite grunting involved. I love watching his little personality develop. You'll get those muscles soon enough baby cakes!

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