Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter 2017

I feel like our Easter started the weekend before while we were still with Nana & Papa in Hawaii. We got the kids dressed up in their Easter outfits. Lisa got them both those cute little hats and I can't get over them! There was egg dying, hunts, and plenty of treats.

During the week we spent lots of time practicing our egg hunting skills. Ellie told me that I'm too easy and Fitz finally figured out that it's worth picking up more than one egg. We might even continue them into the summer because it's such an easy way to entertain the two of them with minimal effort on my part. 

On Saturday morning we finally took the kids to their first official Easter egg hunt. We walked down to the tabernacle lawn and lined up for the dash. We met up with some friends and family and the kids loved collecting eggs. Ellie's hunt only lasted for about 4 seconds, but I thinks she was happy'with her 4 eggs. Jeremy said Fitz kept picking up eggs and putting them in other kid's  baskets. So, I guess our practice only kind of paid off. After we ate some breakfast we headed home for naps. The Easter bunny ended up coming during their naps and left them with a little bit of candy and bubble wands. I'm pretty sure their candy is still sitting untouched, but the bubble wands have been refilled about 20 times already.

On Sunday we headed out the door bright and early for one of my old YW's homecoming talk. She did such a good job. Fitz and Ellie came down with some nasty colds so we stayed home the rest of the day so they could nap. Later that day we headed over to Tori's for dinner. We kept it simple, but the food was delicious. We ended the evening with one more front yard egg hunt, threw the kids into bed and stayed up a little too late playing games. Of course, I got one picture. I was having too much fun.

I'm so thankful for the Atonement. We know He lives! Hope lives because He does. And because of Him I get to be with ALL of my family forever.

Happy Easter.

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