Monday, September 7, 2015

Summerfest: July Edition Pt.2

Ok, really this should be a 3 part post, but I just can't drag July out any longer. It was a more eventful month than I thought. The one thing that I can't believe I didn't get pictures of is the painting makeover of our house. When we moved in I was hoping that the main wall color (that's literally everywhere on the 1st and 2nd floors except for the bedrooms) was close enough to gray that it would work with all of our stuff. Sadly, is was too brown and had to go. I coerced my mom and j.rue to paint with me for my birthday present and we pounded it out on a Saturday and our angel Aunt Tori took Ellie for the afternoon. Also on the painting list for the month was the master bedroom, shutters, and front door. If it sounds like a was. It's done now though and I'm so glad we got it done before our little guy got here. I went super bold (I joke) and painted everything white:

We continued to blow lots and lots of bubbles, pretty much every night. There was also some puddle jumping.

Over the summer Ellie has fallen in love with Farmington Station. She loves the fountains, park and dancing the day away on the turf. Melinda, the girls and I visited one Saturday morning while the boys played football.We've had a few good family dates nights there since then.

I've been trying to soak up every little second with our family of 3. We're so excited to add baby brother, but we've gotten into a good groove, the 3 of us. I love them with all my heart. Ellie is developing quite the little personality. She has definitely thrown me for a loop and has become a little more challenging than in her early (baby) days. She has a talent for making me feel like I'm at my breaking point and then goes back to her sweet(er) self. I still love every inch of that vivacious little squirt.

We had a lovely little FHE up Bountiful Canyon. Our hobo dinners were on point and Ellie had I had our first s'mores of the summer. Can you believe it took until the end of July?! Ellie loved being with her cousins and Nana. I really do wish I could go back and tell my high school self that time spent with family really is the best.

Bountiful is waaay bigger on the 24th of July than the 4th. They call it "Handcart Days" and it was pretty fun! We had the fam over for quick BBQ and then we were off to the evening parade. Evening parades are a very good idea in my opinion. It was still blazing hot, but it was fun, and huge. Apparently people take their parade spots very seriously and set up 48 hours before and then camp out to make sure their beloved spot isn't stolen. We decided to take our chances and walk down right before it started. We ended up on the sunny side of the street, but the girls got to be right on the front lines and collected lots of goodies. After that we headed up to Mueller Park where Ellie learned the fine art of rolling down grassy hills. There was also a very decent fireworks show. The next day we tried out the carnival and overdosed on cheap and delicious food and Ellie sized rides. Another reason why I love you so dear Bountiful.

After the carvinal we headed down to SLC for a little birthday getaway. I told J.rue I wanted a little time away from the house and a break from the never ending list of projects. We picked up baby brother's car seat and then headed to the Hilton for the night. We swam, ate pounds of Italian food, and shopped around until City Creek closed. The hotel was close enough to walk  so we took our time getting home. It was so relaxing and nice to get away from it all.

The next day we headed back up north and went to Pineview with my family. I've never seen it so busy in my life. They were turning people away, but J.rue used his sweet talking skills to get us in. Once we finally got there everyone took off on the jet skis for most of the time while Ellie and I lounged in the shade, snacked, and had a little bit of water time. Towards the end she took interest in the paddle board so her daddy took her out. She loved it until they got out on the water and she spent the next 10 minutes saying "no wet daddy". She's a wuss, just like yours truly. We have absolutely no interest in getting her face wet or really much of anything else for that matter. It just makes us cold. By the time we packed up Ellie was pooped and slept all the way home. Her hair was evidence of a good day.

On my actual birthday J.rue and I spoke in church and my mom spoiled me by making me a delicious fruit pizza and a fancy dinner of tater tot casserole, one of my favorite dinners. It was a nice relaxing day, after the speaking was over. I welcome 26 with open arms and can't wait to see what this year will bring!

I'm lucky enough to share a birthday with my first niece, Brooklyn Jayde. Her mom threw her the cutest fairy birthday party, topped off with a little fairy trinket hunt. Ellie was in heaven and loves to do everything her cousin does. Ever since her birthday Ellie has been obsessed with the ideas of birthdays, especially singing happy birthday. We've sung happy birthday to Brooklyn probably almost every day since then.

Other random photos...Ellie fell in love with bubble wrap and I keep some in the mud room and give her a new piece every few weeks. One sheet even made it into the tub with her. Kind of gross, but also mostly whatever. She loves it. We also went to my cousin's daughter's concert up at Red Butte Gardens. I couldn't get a great photo of her, but we loved listening to Riley sing and play the keyboard and guitar. She's so talented! Also, Melinda and I have been anxiously awaiting the grand opening of Steak N Shake. It didn't disappoint. We've been back more than several times.

Oh and I don't have an after pictures of our shutters yet (next time!) but I do have one of the front door. I'm very proud of her.

Huge difference! Whew! Does anyone else feel out of breath? That was our July. I'm sure things were missed, but better than nothing. It was a wonderful month. Really, it's just been a good summer and I can't believe today is the last day! We count it as the last day because the pools and splash pads close, thumbs down. August, I'm coming for you next!

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