Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ellie & Fitz

We've spent 4 days as a family of 4 and it's been the sweetest and of course most exhausting days we've had. I have to almost laugh at the early days of Ellie's life. I felt so helpless and overwhelmed. While I feel that those were legitimate feelings, I had no idea what was in store with an added extra. I think a much bigger deal should be made over all proceeding children.

Ellie & Fitz were both the sweetest babies, but I can already see some major differences. Ellie had a hard time eating but was a champ sleeper from about day 4. She also came out independent. She was a hold me or not, I do not care kind of baby. Fitz is a champ eater, a so-so sleeper and demands to be held...always.

I've prayed since the day we found out he was on his way that he and Ellie would be best friends and a support for one another. So far, Ellie loves him. She always says, "I hold it" meaning him of course. She's even tried to help me out and nurse him once in a while. She's never short on hugs or kisses, and she always wants to make sure, "baby comin'?" I have high hopes for these two. Shes not been without her tantrums and outbursts but she hasn't very jealous and if anything helps just a tiny bit too much. Figuring out who to take to the bathroom with me is always a gamble. She really never leaves his side.

Mornings have been the hardest with two bums needing to be changed and two mouths needed to bed fed IMMEDIATELY, but once we get the first, oh hour or so, under our belts we're slowly figuring it out. Last night we were driving home, just the 3 of us and both kids were crying screaming and j.rue was calling trying to figure out the dinner situation. Fitz would only quite down if the radio was up and I was singing at the top of my lungs. Ellie only wanted to listen to 'Shake it Off' at a medium level, but of course once we got to that song, dad was calling. We were also driving home from Ogden, 35 minutes of pure bliss I tell you. We also attempted an outing while dad worked from home. It was ugly to say the least, but it gives me hope for humanity because everyone went out of their way to help me. Bless them.

Two funny stories: Yesterday, I was nursing Fitz and Ellie was coloring on the floor. Without saying a word she got up and walked over to us and licked Fitz's head. I laughed and asked her if his hair tasted good. She said "yep!" and went back to coloring. Silly little goose. Second, Ellie asked to "hold it" and I set her up with the boppy and the baby. She promptly tries to start feeding him to the best of her knowledge. It's so funny to watch her interpret life.

Early this morning, around 4 a.m., I was mentally going through my day reliving all of the frustrating and peaceful moments and began thinking about how I worry I won't remember them. I want to remember every single thing. Everything. I do tend to become a bit obsessive that early in the morning but blogging is the only way I feel like I can do that. I owe it to them, my tiny sweethearts.

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