Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summerfest: July Edition Pt. 1

As I started wading through photos, I quickly realized that I took a million pictures in July so this is the 1st-15th portion. It was a pretty good 2 weeks if I do say so myself! Let's do this thang:

Swimming, and lots of it. Backyard swimming, splash pad swimming, and good ol' pool swimming. It was so blasted hot and the only way my swollen self could handle being outside for more than 3 minutes. Ellie Bean loves the water, unless it gets too cold. My little tiny can't handle being wet unless it's over 85 degrees, and if there's any wind game over. I honestly to goodness think that she's allergic to the cold. She has serious issues with it.

Again, with the food. We really took it easy as far as food prep goes and sampled Bountiful's best. Mostly Costco when J.Rue worked late and the various Mexican and Chinese joints when we was around. He takes advantage when I'm pregnant because I'm usually a no-go when it comes to Chinese or Mexican food. Every time we even go to Costco to get gas Ellie shouts for "pissa!"

We had a fantastic 4th. We actually started the festivities on the 3rd and did some sparklers and then checked out the West Bountiful fireworks. We made it literally 30 seconds before they started, not my favorites of the year, but they were convenient and fireworks, so we were all happy. 

On the 4th we headed over to our ward breakfast and got to know everyone a little better. We really do have a great ward. Then we met up with some fam and friends for the Centerville parade. It was blazing hot. We were all flushed within a few minutes, but still managed to collect a nice smattering of candy and coupons. Ellie loved the marching bands and dancers. After we headed over to J&M's for brunch, swimming, and bubbles. We possibly had a BBQ as well? I think we did. We've done lots of BBQs this summer, they're my favorite kinds of summer meals.

We decided to keep the tradition alive and head over to the Kaysville fireworks that night. It was a little tricky figuring out parking for the first time, but all in all a good time was had. They did have a few glitches and ended early, but there was a promise of a double grande finale next year. We don't plan on missing it!

We've taken several impromptu trips to Ikea and spent many a late night unpacking. Unpacking has taken us sooooo long. Please don't ask to ask to see the basement for probably...oh the next year or so. Also, the amount of things you need when you move into a new place, amazing. Thank goodness for Ikea.

My mom works for the school for the deaf and the blind and they threw a little color run during their summer camps that we joined her for. It was fun running (walking) with all the kids. I was a little color shy, as was Ellie. I'm pretty sure this is the day that she developed her dislike for all things dirty. She couldn't get over it and couldn't get into the tubby fast enough when we got home. After I got her out she promptly told me that I was dirty and needed to tubby myself. Ah, it's only been downhill from there.

 (Melinda, I hope you don't mind that I borrowed this, it's too cute!)

On our down days we spent playing outside with cousins or solo. We're going to miss these warms days when they're gone. I honestly worry about what I'm going to with my outside loving girl once our little tiny gets here and things start to cool down. We're going to have to get creative!

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