Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Love Note to Ruesch Manor

Welp, we've officially been Bountifilians (probably not a thing) for over a week now. I really struggled to leave Kaysville and Ruesch Manor in the week up to the move. I knew it would be hard, but I didn't realize how strong my attachment actually was to that house we had made a home over the past 5 and a half years. I left a little bit of my heart in Kaysville on June 13, 2015.

Also, please note that this is a HUGE photo dump of every corner of the house. I don't want to forget a single corner of the house, so feel free to scroll through quickly :)

 We bought Ruesch Manor on October 13, 2009. We had been looking for the perfect starter home for 6 months and I was starting to loose hope. We started looking in SLC and slowly moved north, much to my chagrin. We thought we found the perfect place in Centerville, but it ended up not feeling right so we backed out. Of course this was after we gave our landlords notice so we had to be out. If you know me at all, the unknown nevers sits with me well, but luckily, j.rue's parents took us in for 5 weeks. Random side note: All of our earthly possessions, besides basically our clothes and cars, fit in one half of their garage. We've learned from our most recent move that this would not be the case anymore.

Ruesch Manor was a tiny bit over our budget, but after much convincing on my end, j.rue and I put in an offer. The day we put in our offer, another offer came in. I'm telling you, it's our lot in life. I will be shocked if we will ever buy a home without there being multiple offers. So, a multiple offer addendum was rolled out and we drove to Ruesch Manor one more time to look around and decided if it was worth playing that game. I remember sitting on the front lawn, crying, because I knew we were supposed to be there, knew it. We decided to add a measly 2k to our offer without a lot of hope. The next day we found out that it was really meant to be, we had gotten the home, and we moved in two weeks later!

Over the next 5.5 years, together, j.rue and I celebrated the following:
- our first anniversary (thru our 6th, but the first is the biggest deal) - 2009
- both of our college graduations  - 2011, 2012
- adopting our two puppies, Coop & Maggie - 2009, 2010
- our first full time jobs (and multiple part-time jobs and internships) - 2011, 2012
- finding out Ellie would be joining us - 2012
- bringing Ellie home - 2013
- taking the plunge and quitting my full time job (so worth it!) - 2014
- finding out baby brother would be joining us- 2015
- selling our home & buying another - 2015

I don't know if any home will ever measure up. So many memories and milestones reside there. Of course a lot of disasters and learning experiences came with it, but thank goodness for those. Windstorms, basement floods, broken windows, 100 gallons of paint, the A/C & furnace, and soffit and fascia taught us what it really took to take care of a home. We learned as we went and Ruesch Manor was patient with us. Also, please note that our house was NEVER this clean or un-cluttered, We were planning on using these photos to list, but lucky for us it never came to that!

Our home was always a work in progress. The only thing that really stopped me from changing things up is knowing we wanted to list our home in a year or so. After that I added finishing touches and let it be, and I ended up loving it. It's amazing how different your perfectly placed things look so different and not cohesive in a different space. I'm really struggling with that right now. There probably won't be photos of our Bountiful home until we list it, just kidding, hopefully! One of my favorite rooms in the house was Ellie's room, it was my labor of love for her. If you want to see the loveliness that was her room before I took the reigns...CLICK HERE ...oh boy. Putting her room together was so fun. I over thought every little detail and made j.rue re-hang pictures more times than I like to admit. Oh, and I'll never tell how long it took me to pick out the paint color, never.

And there you have it. Ruesch Manor in all her glory. She will be missed, but on to new adventures! I keep telling myself that she was just the setting for all of the wonderful friends that were made, events that transpired, and lessons that were learned. If that's the case (which I know it is) then I'm excited what our new home will facilitate in the next several years. All I know is that I'm never moving again...for at least 5 more years. Unpacking is killing me.

Cheers Ruesch Manor.



  1. Where did you get the pictures over her crib? LOVE those! (I just moved into a larger apartment myself and I really want to get some new art!)

  2. Hey, sorry I just saw this! It's from Seal Design Studio on Etsy. I got them about 2 years ago, but it looks like she still has them!