Friday, September 13, 2013


Just don't get used to the idea because, really. Just really. Oh and here are also some random pictures:

Actually, I kind of miss blogging more than once a week, but then I think NO! I can't talk about that because then I'll have nothing to talk about in my weekly pregnancy updated, because, you know, it's pretty much taken over my life. But I think that's allowed right? It doesn't mean it makes for a fun read, but it makes for a fun write.

Still, it's Friday the 13th so things are bound to get a little whacky, right? Avoid sidewalk cracks, and really just any crack in general.

Two nights ago I had an epiphany that I should change Ellie's name to Harper, like a super strong epiphany. J.rue shut me down hard and fast. It's okay, I'll just save it for the next one, if we have a next one. So, if you're related or close to me feel free to use to name, just know that I'll be using it too if given the opportunity. Same names are fun though, right? I loved sharing a name. Speaking of names, I always refer to the babe on here as Ellie, but did you know that her actual real life name is going to be Eleanor? It is, and most people hate it. Do you know what I hate? That they can't hide it enough until after I've left the conversation. Really, people just LIE! I'm hormonal and about to name my first person. Lie.

J.rue and I went to a breastfeeding course last night, and I loved it. At first, I really just did it because I've been told time and time again that breastfeeding is the pitts, but also completely necessary. Now I'm all empowered and such and can't wait. J.rue didn't mind it too much either and I always love to have him there for support. And boy oh boy and I going to need his support for the first while. I'm glad he'll be able to be my boob coach, I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Most of the class was a nice review but I did learn that if a baby has NOTHING but breast milk exclusively (even water) for the first 6 months, their stomachs will develop a Teflon like surface in their stomachs and most viruses and illness inducing stuff will just come right out. If they're given other things then that surface still develops, it just has holes in it. So, sorry first child, I've officially identified my first soapbox, nothing but breast milk until we're through 6 months. Won't it be fun to watch my soapboxes crumble beneath my feet as things don't go exactly my way? I'll still be trying though, so watch it!

I'm trying to think of non-baby things to write about because I really hated it when people only talked about baby things. Now, I'm starting to realize why they did. It's literally all you think about. Literally. So I'm pretty sure I can sum up the rest of my life in a nutshell: I'm still working and it's still fun. I still love my husband. It's football season so my husband loves life a little more. Maggie and Coop are still with us. We grew some peaches and they were delicious except that I was so wrapped up in baby stuff that we basically picked 10. Our carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow (but that's only because we have a baby coming). Annnd oh, I'm just not getting the fall fever like everyone else it. Hm...I wonder why?

NOW! I'm off to a doctors appointments. You know, the ones that are not super fun. Strep tests, weight checks, and actual checks. Oi.

Also this weekend, I'm hoping j.rue watches a lot of football so I can do a lot of nothing. I'm pooped you guys, right up to my hairline, just plain pooped. I could sleep for hours and hours and hours and hours. Pooped.

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