Monday, September 16, 2013


Remember when I wrote a love letter to 34 weeks? Well, I was completely spot on because I really do love that 34 weeks. No aches and pains and the such. I suppose though that I would rather be less than a month out (21 days!) than have no aches and pains. Over the last week my body has also decided that as desperately as it needs sleep, it's not gonna have it. I literally live for Sunday afternoon naps like never before. There's something magical about naps. They're nothing like night time sleeps. At the moment, there really is nothing better than getting home from church, chowing down on some pb&j and than laying down next to j.rue (who is reading or watching football) and taking a nice long nap. Oh yeah, and the puppies are snuggling of course. Really, not many better things right now.

I had a doctors appointment last week (and I'm sure you will notice that this is a common theme over the next few posts) and everything is in tip top shape, including my cervix, which has now "dropped" or done whatever it's supposed to do to warrant progress. First, being checked IS NOT THAT BAD. Maybe it's because I haven't progressed a lick, but not bad. I've seriously had paps hurt worse. Second, I'm debating being checked again this week because this last time totally got my hopes up. I didn't plan on being at a 3 or anything, but nothin, come on.  So, I really don't know if I want to hear that I'm at the same place. But chances are, I'll be checked again because that's the kind of person that I am.

All along I've been guessing that she'll come on October 2nd, well, since I'm the mom, I'm going to change my guess to October 10th. I'm just starting to feel like she is oh so comfy in there, yes because of my last appointment, but like I said, I'm the mom. I've actually been waiting my whole life to use that excuse. HUZZAH! I actually need to go around to family and get official guesses about due dates. We'll probably get weights, lengths, and hair color guesses while we're at it. That'll be a fun memory post.

One of the last projects on my to-do before Ellie gets here list was to get the carpets clean, which we did Saturday morning, at 8 am. Please take my advice, don't get your carpets cleaned at 8 am on a Saturday. Meaning you will be up at 7 moving furniture, meaning if you're 8 months pregnant, your husband will be up at 7 am moving furniture. Not fun. But it's nice to have it done.

I had another shower on Saturday and it was just lovely, this one was thrown by some of my sweet friends from high school. It was so fun to catch up with everyone. Again, I sucked at got about 0 pictures, so I'll be needing those ladies, please send them my way! I really do have the best (and prettiest) friends.

Again, Melinda was kind enough to run a million errands with me that night, and Brookie Jayde even decided to join us for the ride. While we were out to dinner she was asked if she wanted to go shopping or stay home with the daddies. Obviously her mother has trained her right because she yelled "shoppin!" without a moment's hesitation. Oh we love that girl. We spent the rest of the night hitting up Target, Wal-mart and what felt like 15 other places. We were pooped by the time we got home.

The last pregnancy event that went down was another hormonal induced cry session. It's really getting a little ridiculous, these hormones do not take a day off EVER. I was at lunch with j.rue and suggested getting away from a weekend before Ellie got here. Then we started looking through our calendars and realized that the next weekend that would really work would be the weekend of her due date, and while this MIGHT work, it probably won't be I will either a) have a baby or b) be so huge and ready to have a baby that I'll just want to be home in my own bed.

Of course this brought on crazy emotions and tears about how everything is going to change and it'll never be just the two of us again. ever. No more spontaneity (even though we're totally not). I'm just glad that these random emotions that I had no idea I had are manifesting themselves now and now 2 weeks after Ellie gets her. It allows me to deal and allows j.rue to give me really huge hugs which I also need. Mostly, everything is about me now. After a nice long chat, I now am comfortable with the fact that we will still go on dates, he does still love me, and that while things will be different, they will be a better different. This is probably the 10 millionth time he's given me this pep talk. Such the coach. Did I marry a winner or what? 

The below pictures looks like j.rue is the one having the pregnancy induced melt-down when in fact he's basically dying over how good his slice of oreo pizza is. We're so going back next week. Caaarrbsss!

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