Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Can I make a prediction? I predict that 34 weeks will be my last uber comfy week. Why? Well, because it's now week 35 and like clockwork my body decided to do lots of un-fun things and then not let me sleep on top of it all. So, this is my official love letter to the last comfy week of pregnancy. We'll call it Ode to Week 34.

Too bad last week was also supa boring as far as pregnancy goes. I had a doctors appointment, the last one where I get to keep my pants on, so that's noteworthy I suppose. I did gain less than 1 lb, but I'm chalking that up to my crazy work schedule and training, oh and that I can eat 2 raisins and be full. It's actually quite annoying considering I've basically given myself a pass for the next 5 weeks to enjoy delicious food. For the most part that doesn't stop me though and I end up just feeling full and well, super full all the time. Sad for all of my insides that now all share a 3 square in radius. I'll head to the doctors office again next week and then every week until Ellie makes her grand appearance. I'm not so excited about those.

I also had another series of mini freak outs because I could not decide on which car seat to get. Could not. I got all pumped because j.rue said we could go to Babies R Us and try out car seats to my hearts desire AFTER the BYU game on Saturday. Sad part: BYU lost. Happy part: I'm pretty sure I found "the one" and I'm going to purchase her sometime this week so I can at least try to sleep easier at night.

I spent a good portion of my Sunday nap time making lists of "finals", the cleaning, purchasing, and projecting that needs to be done. I don't know if it helped or hindered. As far as the cleaning and organizing goes, it should be done by Friday and then we'll just have to maintain. That will be the tricky part honestly, we're bad dishes and laundry maintainers. As far as purchases, I have to make ONE MORE trip to Ikea, much to my chagrin. Just one more and then I plan on staying away for a solid year. That place does things to you, you know, mentally. Because of this last minute trip I won't have Ellie's room completely done by my goal of August 31st, but the only things that aren't done are the pictures up on the wall. I can totally live with that.

As for the child, she's getting big. Apparently she weighs 5 to more than 5 pounds and I can feel it. Everywhere. She's not kicking as much anymore, but rather shifting and making huge waves on my stomach. She gets the hiccups lately and while they're cute no matter what, they almost give me a stomach ache if I'm too hungry. I still wouldn't trade 'em. We've also been experiencing more and more braxton hicks, actually I think in the last week I'm really just starting to experience them. I thought the rock hard stomach that didn't hurt was braxton hicks, but I'm pretty sure the real braxton hicks occur when I actually can't catch my breath and the tightening is happening one the inside instead of the outside. Make sense? It doesn't really to me either. Also, my belly button. It's deep and I'm pretty sure it's not capable of becoming an outie. However, it's starting to pooch out around the edges in it's own special way and I'm pretty sure that it's just going to keep doing that more and more. The only way I can describe it is fluffy. I have a fluffy bellybutton. It's real cute. Cute enough that I will NEVER take a picture of it's cuteness. You're welcome.

Other than that, I did lots of sleeping and ain't no body gonna complain about that!

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