Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Alas, another week of pregnancy paradise (oxymoron?). But really, this one was neat-o because I could say that we're 6 weeks away from D-day, which is waaaaaay closer than 8 weeks. You guys, we're so close! I know, I'm sure you're in stitches.

This last was was actually quite a bit different from previous weeks because I started training my replacement at work. Thank my lucky stars we get along famously, and at this point I'm more than happy to hand over the reins in the next little while. Training is a little faster paced than I'm used to though and that coupled with the weeks before school has made for long exhausting days. I will be physically tired after meeting with students. Actually, that's been happening since day one, just faster now that my lungs, intestines, and other major organs are all sharing the same 3 inches. So besides training all day every day, I honestly haven't done or noticed much. I actually felt some guild because I didn't spend much time thinking about Ellie or prepping for her arrival. I'm pooped.

However, we did a momentous thing on Sunday...

The crib is now standing! It was actually a whole family affair.

J.rue did 94.7% of the work and direction reading.

Maggie doesn't like change much so she just cowered in the safety of my pasty white pregnant legs.

...and Coop was a little bit sad because he was stuck on the wrong side of the bars with his dad. He doesn't like not getting his way. But he's a cute pouter, isn't he?

Ellie actually participated as well. She is already a very talented prop. She held up multiple sides of the crib while I fumbled with washers, screws, nuts, and the like. Also, my stomach isn't very "round" she always seems to protrude more on one side than the other.

And WAH LAH! the finished product, except that I have zero mattress and zero bedding. I'm not doing a bumper or dust ruffle though, so it's really just sheets and well, I'm not gonna let sheets stress me out.

Also of note for last week is that I went on a serious kitchen scrub down, I even pulled out the fridge and cleaned the crap out of it. FYI, I love cleaning the backsides of fridges. I'd probably even do yours fo free. If you want to talk swapping a bathtub cleaning for a fridge scrubbing, call me. If I can keep going at this crazy nesting pace, out house should be sparkling and de-cluttered by the time Elles decides to grace us with her presence on October 2nd. Yes, I'm still sticking to that birthday.

Other than that, she's growing, I'm growing. I'm slowly starting to sleep less and less and she's starting to practice her tumbling skills more and more. Love it!

Hopefully I'll have a tiny bit more energy next week. 

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