Monday, August 19, 2013


I woke up this morning and decided that I was sick and tired of wearing skirts, so I pulled out a trusty pair of jeans. Yes, the kind with real buttons. Actually, I'm lying, while I am getting sick of all my stretchy clothe,s I really just woke up this weekend and decided that laundry wasn't on the agenda. So, all of my overworn stretchy bottoms are out of commission. Thus the jeans. My last resort. However I'm proud to say that I'm wearing them, buttoned up and sitting down. Are they that comfy? Standing up, they are.

My stomach is getting kind of big. I don't want to let myself think it's that big yet because I still have a lot of growing to do, and when I look at gals at 37+ weeks I know I ain't got nothin' on them. BUT with that being said I think I'm to the point where my un-pregnant self would wonder what my pregnant self would look like naked. Not you pregnant girl, just myself. You see, pre-pregnancy, it kind of blew my mind that large pregnant stomachs could hold themselves up. I was pretty sure it was the elastic waist pants that did all the work. But then I wondered what those pregnant stomachs did naked. I know, I'm so creepy. Once, I almost asked my SIL to let me see her bare stomach, just because I was so curious. I'm sure she totally would have let me, but I'm a wuss and didn't ask. Hey Melinda! And now, I can just check out my own on a daily basis, and it seems to be holding itself up just fine.

This week has been my most favorite week of pregnancy thus far. I'm guessing I might say that almost every week after this too, but up to this point 32 has won my heart. Ellie has been growing a ton, meaning we're sharing tight quarters. Meaning that I can feel her move all.the.time. It's my most favorite part. The movements. They make me so happy I could cry. Feeling her move so much makes me day dream about her 24/7. The daydreams are followed by me being a little sad though because I just want her to be here so bad. So bad. We're to the point where I can tell a limb from a bum or back. I would say head, but it's just laying on my bladder so I feel that in other ways.

And while this has been my most favorite week, it's also been my most uncomfortable. You see, Ellie is a very particular girl. She is at her best when her foot is hooked under my right rib, her bum is situated on my right hip, and her head is, you guessed it, on my bladder. I really don't know how I have a front bump, it should be a totally crooked side bump. She is never front and center. But that's okay, it always makes it easier to find her. Since I know her exact whereabouts always I find myself talking to her more and more. Daily we have the discussion that I think her birthday should be on October 2nd. I'm just hoping she agrees. Not too early, not too late, what's not to love? Oh I just almost can't stand the waiting. Impatient much?

I had another doctors appointment this last week. I'm going in every 2 weeks and that's making the weeks fly by. Thank goodness we don't start the fun checks until 36 weeks. I've gained a solid 20 lbs, have a low blood pressure, and got my Tdap shot, and I'm feeling okay about all of it. Doctors appointments aren't all that exciting, so I'll leave it at that.

Oh, and I got a H-U-G-E project checked off my to-do list, that being cleaning out our scary laundry/storage room. You know, the one that was infested with bees last year. We found maybe 30 more dead bees in canisters, on shelves, in crevices. But it feels oh so good to have that done. This week I'm going for the kitchen, which is also a little scary. Not like the kind where you would walk into my house and call me a barn animal. But you know when you actually take a second to look on your walls and in your cabinets, and the such? Then you think you're a dirty barn animal and something has got to be done. I'm sure I'll be updating next week. Maybe this week, but you know me.

Crib is still not up. I'm shooting for August 31st.

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