Thursday, August 15, 2013


Biggest thing about this week: my weekly email updates all (yes I get 3) all told me that if my baby were to be born this week, she would have a 95% chance of living a healthy life. I'm pretty okay with that, especially since she's now made it another week. Other than that, nothing super exciting. I feel like I'm kind of a broken record with symptoms, but I'm hoping I appreciate these next pregnancy?

Sleepiness: So much. But I don't have it as good as the first trimester because while I can still go for a nap at 6 pm, I probably shouldn't because I will be wide awake at 4 am. Still tired though. It makes no sense.

Aches & Pains: Getting more and more frequent. Girl is packin' on the pounds (actually, both of us are, I'm sure) and runnin' out of room. She still adores using my bladder has her pillow and is now long enough to use my right ribs as a foot rest or stirrup, depending on how playful she feels. The bladder, I'm used to. The ribs, not so much. It's a dull tingly pain and I don't like it. But I'm sure she's feeling space deprived as well, so at least we suffer in unity.

Movements: I worry about those kick-counts more and more. I don't actually do them, but I am very aware of how often she moves and so far, has yet to disappoint. During the weekend we were over at J&M's house and Ellie got the hiccups and let her Aunt Melinda participate in the charade. The public can now also witness the rippling of my stomach.  Sometimes this child likes to make a spectacle of herself. Can you blame her though? She is her daddy's daughter.

The Bump: I officially feel huge and loathe the fact that I have 8 more weeks to increase in size. It's hilarious watching my try to get in and out of a bathroom stall, or my car in the parking lot. Small spaces.

On Saturday, my brother Micah went through the temple. It was a little bit of a stressful day because I decided to take it upon myself to go to Ikea and get the crib before hand. That was interesting to say the least. But once we were settled in the temple, everything was wonderful. However, there was a lady sitting next to me during the session and she kept looking at me, or Ellie. She was kinda going nuts and got some soft of sugar high. Being in the temple has a different effect on everyone, I suppose. Anyway, this lady kept looking at me like she wanted to chat, but I wasn't really in the mood. I thought I had totally avoided her, but she found me on my way out of the dressing room and our convo kind of went like this:

Lady: "Is it weird that I know you're having a girl?"
Me: "Kind of." - More bemused than rude.
Lady: "I could feel her feisty spirit and could tell by where she was sitting and bouncing that bla bla bla..."

First, it's not nice to tell someone her child is feisty, even though I know it's true. I just don't want to acknowledge it yet. And second, I don't know, but people that know everything rub me the wrong way. She also hit the nail on the head by saying that she probably doesn't move or kick much for Jeremy, which is true. But still. So she told me to chase her (the baby) around with an ice cube. Of course j.rue wanted to do this, but it did not work. Instead, she retreated up on the right side of my ribs into a painful mound and refused to move. Thanks lady.

Last thing! I did my 3 hour glucose test on Friday and found out that I am diabetes free and have normal glucose levels HALLELUJAH. The drink is thicker and the needles are pokier. Okay the needles really aren't pokier, but they feel that way after 4 blood draws. I'm just glad that I didn't puke. I celebrated the completion of the test with the biggest bread bowl I'd ever lain eyes on filled with the most delicious artery clogging potato soup. Obviously, I have a rebellious streak.

I can't act like I was tough the whole time though. J.rue came and sat with me for the first 2ish hours and thank goodness he did. I held it together pretty well for the most part. We watched some TV, played some games, and just chatted. But after my 2nd blood draw (that hurt like a mother) I couldn't handle the stress anymore. He was getting ready to leave and I totally broke down and cried. Sometimes about a little bit of pain and a lot of stress really don't mix well inside me. I hate crying in public and I didn't even care. So, he stayed with me until right before my 3rd draw, toughened me up along the way, and then kissed me goodbye and told me I'd do great. Oh husbands really are the greatest, aren't they?

Ellie's room has officially turned into a construction zone. Last night I thought it would be a fabulous idea to put the crib together myself. Here's how it turned out:

ugh. The things I get myself into. I think there's a total of 5 pieces. FIVE.

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