Wednesday, August 14, 2013

QUESTIONS FOR YOU MOTHERLY EXPERTS know, those of you who have been through the newborn battlefield once or twice. I need advice.

Specifically on car seats and baby monitors.

1. Baby monitors. Ellie's room is in the basement. I know, I'm a horrible mother. I've even had someone suggest that I turn my living room into her room. I'm thinking she can handle the basement. So, that's not what I need advice on. What I would like is a solid digital baby monitor so that I can hear AND see her. Does anyone have suggestions? There are about a million and one different kinds on Amazon and they all have mixed reviews. But, there's always those terrible 2-5 reviews that kind of ruin it for everyone. So, what has anyone used?

2a. Car seats. My biggest dilemma is convertible vs. infant carrier. I've heard infant carriers are safest, but that they grow out of them quickly. I'm not doing a travel system, so that doesn't make a different either way. I'm guessing that we'll go with infant, but I thought I'd ask just in case

2b. Graco, Britax, or Chicco? Specific models. Please and thank you.

Really, please please please don't leave me hangin' on this one. I might be losing sleep over it. I know, I'm lame. Help a sista' out!



  1. I just went through this dilemma actually! I picked up Graco because it had amazing reviews (and was really light) and I liked how it attaches to strollers. The only downside I saw with convertibles is you never really take it out of the car, and I want it for a jogging/regular stroller.

  2. It seemed like when I asked a week or so ago (you can refer to that post if you want!) Everyone raves about the Chicco Keyfit Car seat. I had one person say to do convertible car seat, but the rest of them said the chicco key fit was awesome. It is perfect for you-- they said they didn't love the stroller/travel system but since you aren't interested in that, it would be perfect! Again, this is coming from a momma to be, not yet a mother. But I have heard from experienced mothers (Jason's sister with 4 kids among them) that they wished they had gotten the chicco carseat. And that's my two cents :)

  3. Just because I'm on baby #4, I'm still by no means an expert. :) With that said, the convertible car seats are SO appealing to me because I feel like you get more bang for your buck. HOWEVER, with a babe being born in the colder months, it makes more sense to me to have an infant seat. I faced the same dilemma (I was just debating the same issue with Scott a few weeks ago). Having to take a sleeping baby OUT of a convertible carseat to walk into church, the grocery store, and all the other places you go, doesn't make sense to me! I can't tell you how many times when my little ones were tiny that I would pull the infant seat out of the car (while they were soundly sleeping) and just set the carseat in the entry way of the house while they finished napping. I also like the "protection" that he infant seats give them- you can fold the canopy down when they are sleeping and it signals to the rest of the world- "Hands off!" So with #4, I believe we will go the infant seat route once again. And I've always used graco just because it's usually the cheapest. And who wants to spend a fortune on an infant seat they will grow out of in a year? Just my 2 cents. Can't offer an opinion about the monitor because we always had an old school ghetto one. :) Good luck!!

  4. I have a regular infant seat and if you get a gender neutral one you can continue to use it for one or two more babies (I think they expire after a while). Plus my daughter used hers for like 15 months (probably because I took a long time researching what carseat to move her into!) and my son is using it now with no signs of growing out of it any time soon. I did get a convertible one for Olivia now, but when she grows out of it, Axel can move right it. It's the circle of carseat life.

    And I think the basement is awesome for a baby. But I have no advice on baby monitors, mine is just okay and I don't really need to use it very much.

  5. Chicco for the car seat!!! I love their strollers to!!! They are more expensive but they are worth it i have used mine for both jaxon and jade!!! Oh baby monitors!!! I couldn't live without my video monitor and they both sleep down the hall haha!! Rex bought me lorex baby monitors I don't know if they are the best but they work for us!!