Thursday, June 13, 2013


Don't you love that it's Thursday, almost a brand spankin' new weekend, and I'm just not getting to last weekend? I'm feeling quite adamant about this because there were so many summer things involved. J.rue and I both had last Friday off, and it was a sweet sweet Friday. We made sure to make plans with our weekend regulars, and decided that it would be best to keep them by our side the whole weekend. Three day weekends are a lovely thing in and of itself, but add the right season in? Well, that makes it just downright dreamy.

^^ We started our Friday with the femur sized corn dogs. They were just as good as remembered, but this time we added honey. Honey + corndogs, really just takes it to the next level. If you're on Main Street in  Kaysville, make sure to stop. Don't worry you can't miss it, there's always a crowd.

^^ The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging outside, reading magazines, and watching the apple of our eyes run around the backyard. She attempted a nap outside, but the outside is just too distracting for her little brain right now.

^^ When the little miss did finally go down for a nap it was with promises to go and see the llamas once she awoke. Promises were kept and right when she woke up we were greeted with the question "see yamas?" So, we did. They were a little rude this time and wouldn't come right up to us like usual, but in their defense it was quite hot and they had some nice shade. That night we decided to keep the partay going and have a sleepover. The next morning was full or more relaxing, small errand running, and naps. I love naps.

^^ That evening we headed back to Ruesch Manor for some splash pad and hobo dinners. The boys readied the fires while we prepped the tin foil dinners and then they headed off to the splash pad with Brookie and we supervised the cooking of the food. It was difficult work, but someone had to volunteer. Melinda and I always have the best conversations when we find ourselves alone. She's one of the few people I can really tell anything too. Everyone should have a Melinda.

^^ Once the water baby got back the boys fished out our dinners and set up our table. Brookie is probably the best supervisor that we could ask for. She means business.

^^ And then we feasted. J.rue claimed to not be a lover of all things hobo dinner. Of course he was the first and only one to finish his whole plate. I'm thinking we've converted him, which is good, because this won't be our last hobo dinner date. At least if I have my way.

^^ The rest of the evening was spent roasting huge marshmallows. Melinda declared she would eat 100, then I decided on my weight in marshmallows. Just to make sure we reach our goals, we'll keep this a regular thing. J.rue managed to burn his tongue. He was sad when no one really felt bad for him.

^^ The puppies also decided to partake in the marshmallow goodness. Well, rather they more begged until the soft one (me) obliged them with melty mallow leftovers. Maggie handled to goo like a champ. Coop on the other hand, well, we're still fighting to get the fossilized gunk off of his mouth. Way to go Coop.

^^ I'm pretty sure I out ate everyone as far as marshmallows go, but I am trying to reach a goal here. And look at those puppies how could I not give them my left overs?

^^ Sunday morning we headed back over to Clinton to watch Brooklyn while her parents spoke. They both did a lovely job and Brookie was so good, especially since I came prepared with a stock of fruit snacks. That girl loves her fruit snacks. So much that she would sometime forget to chew and swallow. I'm just glad we didn't kill her while her parents we up there speaking to the congregation. That would have been awkward.

^^ We wrapped up the weekend with a trip over to my mother's house. One brother was ordained a priest and the other had a birthday and is getting ready to put in his mission papers. Obvs we're a really photogenic family. This is really the best we could do after about 11 tries. We're just an attractive bunch.

See? Wasn't that worth the wait? I know I'll think so next year. Looking back over summer blog posts is the best. Dontcha think?


  1. Man, I am seriously craving a corn dog right now! sounds so fun!

  2. Man, I am seriously craving a corn dog right now! sounds so fun!