Monday, June 17, 2013


Week 23 was a good one. It was almost extra nice because I had a few people ask me how far along I was and I couldn't quite remember. Come to find out, I was thinking 22 weeks, when I was actually 23, and am now 24, it makes the waiting a little less agonizing. I've been feeling more tired than I had in the last few weeks, but I swear to you it's because she's going to a gargantuan growth spurt. The week before I hadn't felt a sing movement above my hip bones, how's that for a low rider? Then lo, and behold, she finally started to feel a little cramped and has moved north. As I type this she's doing her morning step aerobics on my right side, just around my belly button. It's her way of greeting the day. Last night if I pushed hard enough (hopefully that's not bad?) I could actually feel where she was, and not just kind of, but some kind of bum/head/elbow/knee. I loved it and I'm pretty sure she didn't. The more I poked and prodded, the more she migrated to my right hip bone, and that doesn't feel so great. We have a feisty one on our hands. Other than that little disagreement, we're golden.

Over the past few weeks I'm also finding myself getting bored out of my mind. J.rue has been working late and I get an hour of interrupted reading time on le bus, so once I get home I don't totally feel the need to relax. I need to be busy in a bad way, and I think j.rue agrees. I'm a little pathetic when he gets home, as in clingy and needy, which honestly honestly honestly, is not like me at all. The poor boy needs some unwinding time, and I have not been obliging. So, for his sake and mine I've started a list of house projects that need to get done and I got a small part-time job with a friends company this weekend that I'll be starting soon. Thank the stars above.

On Saturday we went mini golfing and snow cone eating with our friends, Jake and Heidi, and their baby (my baby's future, bf) Holden. He's just the cutest little squirt. I lost terribly and horribly at the golf, of course. Jake and Heidi schooled both of us, badly. So, being the losers we bought the winners some shaved ice and all was well. After they came over to our house and the boys did what they do best: xbox and the girls (and Holden) just chatted. Heidi is one of those friends that I could talk to for about a million hours. We're so alike, even in looks. Throughout our first year up at the U people were constantly asking if we were sisters. Technically, I say we are. Just because. Soul sistas, ya know?

See? Just the cutest! On Sunday J.rue took a stab at his new calling at church, we'll just say it involves 5 year olds and boogers. Later that evening we went up to eat at my grandparents. My grandma made her signature meal, pot roast, potatoes, and about 1,000 different kinds of veggies from her garden. We were all pleasantly stuffed for rest of the evening. Apprently, there was also some important basketball game on last night that the boys just had to watch. So after dinner was cleaned up and desserts were dishes everyone migrated downstairs to watch the game. My grandma and I opted to watch a PBS murder mystery upstairs instead, much more entertaining. I really am blessed with some of the most amazing grandparents, especially my grandma. Those little moments that we get, just the two of us, are treasured and remind me just how much I am loved.

We did have quite to event last night after we got home, but I think that's a blog post in and of itself, so I'll save it for another day. Let's just say we're prepping for some babies over at Ruesch Manor.

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