Monday, June 10, 2013


...or the week that I decided that I just MUST eat my weight in roasted marshmallows this summer. The nice thing about this is that my weight seems to be steadily climbing meaning, more marshmallows!

I had a doctors appointment last Wednesday and we went through the normal drill: pee in a cup, get weighed (it's very important to do this in THAT particular order, so just remember that), blood pressure, and waiting. Then the doc came in and attempted to listen to the heartbeat. He gave me a tiny heart attack because he couldn't find it right away. I pointed him a little more south and the wooshing rang loud and true. You guys, she's sitting about as south as possible. Really and truly. I don't think I've felt a single movement above my hip bones, and I'm long torsoed, so there is a lot of unused space up there. Somehow I'm still expanding in no mans land though, which I find to be particularly unfair. My doctor said that she'll eventually get too big to fit in her happy place and take up more torso space. I then asked if there was a chance she would just get stuck in between my hips and I would grow extensively in pant sizes. I don't think he 100% understands my humor, but just kindly shook his head and assured me that she would migrate north eventually.

I also brought up the topic of induction. Not that it's a huge deal when she comes (as long as it after 38 weeks - just a personal goal) I'm just an annoying type A and would like to know that she will be here on or before October 7th. My hopes were slightly dashed when he said 41 weeks was the best time to induce, but I'm not going to be too sad about it, I just now know that she'll be here no later than October 14th. But, my darling daughter child, if you are anything like your mother, you will be early or prompt. But, there is also a solid 50% chance you'll favor your daddy's way of life and come late and forced, like on the 14th of October. Please don't do that to me. Okay, you can if you want. I feel like I'm on the wrong side of a one sided relationship right now.

As far as cravings go, they've been pretty tame. Except for the pizza rolls. Much to my chagrin, over the past 2 weeks I have been madly craving Totino's pizza rolls. I've gone through 1.5 bags of 90. Basically, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus the occasional snack. Gross right? I think so, but nonetheless. I am proud to report that I made myself a batch for breakfast this morning and they just didn't do it for me. I'm hoping we're out of the woods with that one and we can go back to things like fruit and well, fruit.

I know that I claimed to not take "bump" pictures anymore, and missing the past few weeks of documentation have made me a little sad, so I'm still going to do them once in a while, because what the heck. Everything changes so slowly that I'll be sad when I'm told it looks like I'm hoarding a large melon under my shirt and I didn't even see it coming. Plus, these are the only pictures I have to document any kind of stomach bump, and I mean, not cute.

See what I mean? These are actually from our weekend, which was gloriously full of summer things. I plan on elaborating tomorrow with lots more pictures. Actually I have almost a full line-up of posts for this week and that never happens! So, tomorrow: weekend. The next day: maybe something about the puppies and Thursday or Friday I think I'll tell you her name. Just because I want you and her to get acquainted just a little better.

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