Wednesday, May 22, 2013


...and a couple other random things that have been going on in our neck of the woods. Plus random pictures and captions sprinkled in that are totally unrelated. Of course.

We'll start with the bus and how big of a baby I am. At the beginning of May j.rue's work team was transferred up to work at the U. Yay! for me, not so much for him. It about doubles his commute time and the parking sucks, even worse than parking downton SLC. A couple nights after he found out about his move he suggested driving together in the morning and then one of us me taking the bus home. I was not so thrilled on the idea. But then he laid it out for me: my UTA pass: free, driving one car (his) up to the U: not so expensive, driving my car up to the U: A/C but gas hogger expensive, driving both of our cars up to the U every day from Kaysville: ridic. Basically, really ridic.

(J.rue's baby sister, Tori, is safe and sound at the MTC learning her Spanish. We're so proud of her!)

So, we agreed that 2-3 times per week I would ride to work with him and then take the bus home. Honestly, without trying to sound disgustingly bratty, I was dreading it. I don't have anything against riding the actual bus, I just don't handle things I don't know well, like bus schedules, and stops, and how to "tap on, tap off". Dumb I know. But, plus it takes me a tiny bit over an hour to get home when I could get home in 35 minutes driving myself. Again, this is where the compromise comes in and I still get to drive up to SLC basically when I need to.

Back to yesterday, I LOVE THE BUS! Because really I do. I talked on the phone, read an ELLEN book, played Candy Crush (kind of embarrassed about this one, but YOU GUYS, I've been stuck on level 23 for almost a week), and then I napped. Napped! It was lovely and I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna do it again tomorrow. Also, I learned that bus stops aren't that hard. They're just not.

(Little Quinn, my cousin's daughter. I just couldn't squeeze her enough. Oh the rolls! Little Rue please be pleasantly plump)

Secondly, the dogs. If you don't have/like dogs you won't appreciate this and will probably find it slightly repulsive, so just skip it. For those of you with dogs, maybe even just one, I think you will appreciate this, unless the talk of pooing still disgusts you. On Monday we were taking our daily walk and Coop decided to take care of business, so I pulled the poo baggy out and expected this to be probably 1 of 3 AT LEAST. Then to what do my wondering eyes appear? Maggie squats down right next to him and takes care of her business BEFORE I got to Coops. So not only did I use 1 poo bag for 2 dogs, they both only decided to go once. Really, if you don't like dogs and are still reading this, it's really not my fault. You were warned about 4 sentences ago. Any who historic for the Ruesch family. Historic. One poo bag.

My brother, Micah, graduated from seminary on Sunday and has HS graduation tonight. I really can't believe it?! Then he'll be off on a mission and I'll cry for about 2 years)

Is it dumb that I've already bought my baby a swim suit for next summer? Kind of, unless it's ruffled, bowed, and polka dotted, right? J.rue doesn't think so.

Lastly, and most importantly, did you know that Wendy's can put a frosty in waffle cone? Yes you just read that sentence correctly. A frosty in a real life waffle cone. I haven't even gotten to try one because every time we've gone the line has been at least 12 deep. I'm not that patient.

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