Monday, May 20, 2013


Just in case I'm confusing anyone, because I confuse myself often enough, I'm titling the posts the previous week and putting up the current weeks picture. Why? Just because that's what working for me right now. I'm sure I'll look back and just find myself to be ridiculous. It's fine. I've also decided that I hate taking these pictures. Like hate. I cried to j.rue last night while he was taking this. It was mostly the hormones, really it was, but I'm also inpatient and am unhappy with the growth of my face and arm. Well, both arms, but you just get to see one luckily. So I'll probably keep taking them for documentation, as far as posting them goes, we're still on the fence about that It's really just up to my arms. I'm starting to understand why people start this and then stop around...well, now. But it's okay, right? All in the name of growing a child. I will surely be just fine. Plus, I'm growing a child!

Week 19 was good to me. The day before week 20 she started communicating with me via pokes and jabs. Finally. We were getting breakfast, waaaay later than I was hoping (in other words I was a ravenous beast), and waiting for our table and all of a sudden she decided to put on a show. I reveled in each little acrobatic that she performed. I'm pretty sure she was starving as well because once I started stuffing my face with french toast she quieted right up. Oh and can I just say. french toast. french toast. The answer to all of my pregnancy food prayers. I think I need to be eating it at least once a day. But since I don't cook during the week, (or really ever at all) it will just have to be a weekend delight. On both Saturdays and Sundays. Okay, back to the baby..I didn't hear much from her the rest of the day or yesterday, but every now and then she'll do a little something to reassure me that she was still in there. I really can't believe how much those little movement mean and how real they make everything. They really make the last 4.5 months worth it.

People have been asking me if I'm excited to get to 20 weeks because, you know, that means I'm half way done. It's totally flown by, right? Yes, it has until Wednesday of last week and now I cannot get to the next week soon enough. I only have to basically do this all over again and we'll be there. No problem, except that's a lie and I'm pretty sure that the next 20 will go by in slow motion. The slowest of slow motions. Sometimes I think about it and I'm okay with it. Really I am. Her room is still painted like a circus and even though we've considered converting it, I'm thinking we will get rid of our extra queen bed and put her in a crib. I kid about the queen bed of course. There are just so many house projects that need to be done, sometimes I just find myself begging for more time. 

On the other hand, I still have until October, when it gets cold again. It's just starting to get hot! And I have a whole summer semester to wade through. And I really just want to see what she looks like. SO BAD.

This week is also historic because I think we've 99% nailed down her name. Her whole name. I'm still a little iffy on middle names, but you know, I have 20 weeks to make up my mind.

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