Friday, May 24, 2013


While riding the bus I fell asleep, remember how I sang praises to my bus naps? I do not love bus naps anymore. Yesterday I fell asleep and missed by bus stop. Woke up RIGHT as we were leaving. So I had to sweet talk the bus driver to stop on the side of the road to let me of. And then...I walked back to my stop. It didn't look to far, but it actually kind of was. My pride was hurt just a little and honestly I really don't know why. I did feel kind of like a vagabond, with my two oversized bags and all. I really just needed a shopping cart.. I hoped and prayed the whole way back to my car that someone wouldn't honk and wave as they drove by. No one did, and I was saved. But then I just had to laugh because really, why do such ridiculous and embarrassing things happen to me? Maybe they happen to others as well, it's just not written about? I like to think that. If something embarrassing happens to you, do me and yourself a favor, just write about it. You know why? Because it makes you feel better. I love how therapeutic writing is. I really could just write and write for hours. I won't subject you to it though, really because, really you guys.

I've also fallen in love with Carter's. Some of their stuff is a little over the top, but their jammies. Oh! their jammies. And they have lots of good deals. I bought a few little fleece outfits for $5.99 a piece. Honestly, I don't LOVE the fleece, but they look so cozy. And they were $5.99. We will be on the cusp of winters frigid months when she makes her appearance. Poor baby.

Last night we had some of our sweet friends over. I took no pictures because we were just too busy talking and stuffing out faces. They brought us dinner, I told you they were sweet, and she made a white chocolate raspberry cheese cake. With cream. Yes please. Cheesecake making isn't her only talent, she's also going to school for interior design and graciously offered to help me decorate little rue's room. That's what the discussion focused on most of the night. She is so talented, I'm excited to see what we come up with. This is our starting point:

Plus some gold probably. I'm a little in love with gold right now.

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