Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The first night I found out I was pregnant I started a journal for little rue. I thought I was so on top of it, I had the red leather journal with the embossed heart and I just thought it would be perfect. Well, if things keep going the way they are I'm pretty sure that journal could be used for every pregnancy I have. My goal was to write once a week, but then it just didn't really happen. Maybe that's why I feel like I need to write every sordid detail of my life on here. Sorry about that.

We, over at Ruesch Manor, have an exciting 2 weeks ahead of us. Today, my MIL and SIL are flying in today from Hawaii, my FIL flies in on Saturday, that same SIL gives her farewell talk on Sunday (plus it's mothering day), Sister SIL will then we taken to the MTC on Wednesday, MIL & FIL fly out on Friday, and one of my favorite cousins and her family drive in Friday afternoon for the weekend. Of course there will be lots of food eating and family jaunts in between all of that. Are you still with me? Basically it's going to be pure chaos, but we couldn't be more excited.

Speaking of food eating I heard on the radio today that if a person post pictures of their food on instagram rather than the people you're with, it should be assumed that said person has an eating disorder. Either they are obsessed with food or don't eat enough or something? I'm thinking I fall in the obsessed with food category. What can ya do?

My dumb poll isn't working. Yesterday it was, but the internet is trying to take all of my joy away I suppose. It looked like we were neck in neck for results.There are still some girl believers out there. On Thursday we'll be putting some old wives tales to the test. They're actually quite mixed, so we'll have to see what happens!

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the evening cleaning out my car. I'll just admit it right now, I'm a clean person, but I'm a clean person that has to work hard to be a clean person, you know? So, my car got a good scrubbing, my small spoons were put in their rightful silverware drawer (I had 5 little spoons floating around in my car! 5!) and my sun visor was screwed back in. Did I ever mention that for about 4 months my sun visor was hanging by a single screw and didn't hold itself up properly? J.rue kept bugging me to fix it. I didn't. Surprise! Have I also ever mentioned that the sun visor actually fell off when j.rue was driving in my car? Did I also ever mention that he was so mad at me while this happened that I was sure his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head? Not because of the visor coming off mind you. Just bad timing on the sun visors part. I also laughed when it happened, which made it worse. Also, sometimes I'm a bad wife. Good story, right? I bet you're glad you've made it this far. Oh, and I'm not done.

J.rue came home last night and said (and I quote), "I have a wacky idea!" Usually, this is never a good thing. Last night's did not disappoint. J.rue wanted to go and see Iron Man 3. bad. My first instinct was to laugh in his face, but I'm not a bad wife all the time. So, deals we struck up and we were off to see the 9:05 PM showing. Did you know that all of the 9:00 PMish showings of Iron Man 3 were in 3D in our nearest 5 theaters? They were. I got nauseated because of it and missed the best part (the end). But no one can say I'm a bad wife all the time. no one! Also, I just need to avoid movies for a while. I would like to say that spending the time with j.rue was nice, it just doesn't happen much during the week.

Today, I forgot to put on deodorant and take my allergy medication.

I'll be visiting Smith's Marketplace during my lunch.

Okay, I actually do think I'm done now. Mundane life details? Check. See you tomorrow folks!

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