Monday, May 6, 2013


This week is the week! I can't believe I'm only 4 days away from finding out who will be joining our family. I'm all for surprises Let's be honest, I hate surprises (unless it's a brand spankin' new car with one of those big magnetic bows on top or a trip to Greece) and there is no way I could wait 9 months to find out if one of our little Rues was a little boy or girl. It's just the planner inside of me. J.rue asked what I wanted for Mothers Day and I told him that I wanted to make a beeline to Baby Gap after our appointment on Thursday and pick out an outfit for rue. He rolled his eyes and said we could do that anyway, so I'm still thinking about presents. Maybe a pregnant lady wrap around pillow? Sleep does not come as easily these days. Again, I'm sure that's something he'll say I could get anyway, because no one likes a sleep deprived pregnant wife, I'm sure, but clothes and such aren't sounding very appealing right now.

So, I'm putting up a poll on the left, just up a little. I'd like to know what the general public is guessing. I know that  99% of you actually could care less, but polls are fun right? Do it for me? Please. And thanks.

Milestone: I'm 97.6548% sure that I felt little rue move last night. I even made Jeremy stop our prayer to tell him. Sorry about that. So, I know what I'll be doing each evening from now on. My heart burst just a little bit when it happened and I'm sure that I'll never be the same.

Up to this point my times exercising are still at a solid 4, my arms are my proof, oi. But, don't worry that my exercise DVD is in the xbox and my work-out clothes are out  on the couch ready to roll. This drought really does need to end.

Saturday, I got to spend a good couple hours with one of my besties from high school, Brooke, who is starting her own eye lash extension business. You can find her page of FB here or on her blog here. You should totally schedule an appointment. She did such a great job, and even better was the long uninterrupted chat sesh that went down. It needs to happen much more often, okay Brooke? Here are the results, I'm in love. Plus, it takes my make-up application time down from 8 minutes to maybe 3. What more could a girl ask for?

We spend Saturday night with our regulars, James, Melinda and Brookie, and visited Boondocks and (tried) to have a fire. We actually did, and we roasted some delicious marshmallows, but it was quite windy in Kaysville, so the fun was cut short after 2 chairs were blown into the fire. It was quite the ordeal. We just love them to the ends of the earth (J,M&B that is - the wind can suck it).

Sunday was family pictures with my side. We'll just say it involved lots of shades of uncoordinated green and wind. So much wind.

Also, during church I got to hold the sweetest new little baby and it finally hit me that I'll actually have one before the year is over. Little rue will be that small and that sweet. Okay, I still can't actually imagine it. It doesn't seem real. Only during tiny moments like that. It just seems like I'm getting fatter and perpetually not feeling at the top of my game. I pray every night for things to go well.

Thursday you guys! 


  1. Aah! I'm stealing the pictures of your lashes! Thanks for putting my name out there. I can't wait til you find out you're having a girl! (Sorry, it probably really is a boy like you think it is).

    1. I emailed you the pictures as well! We're so excited too!