Thursday, May 16, 2013

OUR LITTLE RUE still a she!

J.rue and I went in bright and early for the anatomy scan. Honestly, I haven't spent much time at all worrying, which I've now thanked my lucky stars for. Then came last night. I got about no sleep last night, even with my new pillow pal. I guess staying busy has it's perks, but the night before always about kills me. Worry is not a very good use of time, especially in the wee hours of the morning. Somehow, I still manged to pop right out of bed this morning. We had the DVD (and back-up) stashed in my purse, we had our game plan, and we were ready to roll. We only got to the hospital 45 minutes early, much to j.rue's chagrin. But it didn't take me long to convince him how fun it was to sit in the lobby and people watch, and when that got boring I let him play Candy Crush on my phone, and he was a happy boy. 

When we finally got to go in to the room, my stomach was in knots. Luckily we had the sweetest most patient tech. She told me that the baby was laying horizontal across my body and that her head was on the left side, so of course, we started on the left side. I was hoping for the right side, but you know, I'm not confrontational. We got to look at her brain, her sweet mouth, her lungs and her heart. The heart was the most amazing thing to me. It's so tiny, but already working so hard. Actually, if I think about it too much my head wants to implode. Then we saw that she had ten tiny toes and ten more tiny fingers. I can't wait to kiss each one of those. I really cannot. Also, do you see her nose? How cute is her nose? At least, I think that's her nose. It was so fun spending that time just watching her. Our tech would just hold it in one place so we could look at her face a bit longer and then just watching her wriggle. She is a really good wriggler.

Then it was time for the verification. I really really really thought there was a good chance that that was a little boy in there and he was just really good at hiding his goods. Lo and behold the legs were crossed, indian style, just like her daddy and uncle like to sit. We tried everything, moving the chair up and down, bouncing (with a full bladder, so fun), prodding her with the doppler thing. She was not impressed with the prodding. Every time the tech would put pressure, she would kick her left leg and promptly move it back indian style. Oh, she's not going to be stubborn at all. Finally the tech decided to take a break to show my results to the doctors and about 5 minutes later we tried again and she finally cooperated. Though, I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed the theatrics that she caused. She also wouldn't sit still long enough for the doctor to get a heartbeat during my appointment later that morning. Such a stinker already.

So, I now believe that she's a girl. Even though I already ordered her some stuff last week. Which will be here tomorrow. Drool.

Random and kind of dumb story: As most of you know, I'm adopted. I actually have a really cool story, so if you don't know it, ask sometime! I've never had a problem with being adopted. My mom just made sure that I always knew. She did such a good job with that. Anyway, the only thing that I ever missed was not having someone look like me (this is where it get's a little dumb, sorry.) People always say my brother Cale and I look alike and even my mom sometimes, which I love. I really do. But I want my someone to look just like me. I don't know if that's totally kind to wish on another human being, but I still am. Especially since I'm getting the girl I never thought I would. But if she looks like her daddy that's okay too because Jeremy and I have been mistaken for siblings, while holding hands and kissing, once or twice. So whatevs, I guess we'll find out once autumn comes. 

She obviously likes to have that left hand up in the air. I'm just glad she doesn't find the need to stick any part of it in her mouth. I'm also grateful that the unicorn horn on the top of her head has disappeared  I still hadn't quite figured out how to make that one work to her advantage.

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  1. I love the bow how cute, I've never seen that done lol!!