Monday, May 13, 2013


I really did kind of mess up on the post titles, because really, all I'm going to do is talk about week 18. So, I'm changing the titles starting today, because there's not time like the present, right?

Speaking of presents, we found out we're having a:

...and we are so excited! I'm still in shock though. We have our anatomy scan this coming Thursday morning, so I almost didn't say anything until then, because I really can't believe it. But that would be rude, so there just might be an updated post Thursday afternoon. I was positive it was a boy. POSITIVE. Not 10 seconds after we started the ultrasound had started the tech said, "it's a girl!" really, before she said anything else. She didn't even ask if I was ready, and I wasn't. I made her show me about 4 times, and of course I couldn't really see anything. I pretended to, but lesbehonest, I don't really get ultrasound pictures. Apparently, I even have a picture of her lady parts, but I would have been ticked if my mom put up a picture of mine on the internet, so I'm assuming she wouldn't be too stoked about it either.

So, Thursday evening I walked out of the doctors office in shock. I had imagined ordering boy clothes, sitting on the beach with a 2 month old baby boy, getting his room ready, and playing boy type games with him. Not once did I picture having a girl and doing all of those things with her, especially my first go-around. But, of course, J.rue and I are just as excited as can be. She already has him wrapped around her finger and he's already calling her by her name. It's one of the sweetest things.

Also, the clothes. I'm going to have a serious problem. One that will need to be curved quickly. Now I just can't help but sit and daydream all day about all of the time we'll be spending together and all of the sweet moments that will be had, just me and her.

She's also started moving a lot more. Those little flutters make everything so much more real.

Besides the best mother's day present ever, I got to spend time with all of the women that I love most this weekend. I really couldn't have asked for a better one.


  1. Congratulations! I know you will love having a girl! They are so sweet and so fun!