Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Things are most definitely starting to slow down around these parts. Ever since January I'd had some big milestone to look forward to; when to tell everyone, when I would stop getting sick, finding out the gender. Plus we had a few crazy weeks of family, family, family, which we loved of course, but oh my goodness! It made May fly right by. Honestly, I'm ready for some things to slow down. Summer is so nice that way. October is going to come soon enough and I really want to enjoy this last summer with just the two of us.

I'm guessing 21 weeks will be quite similar to 20 weeks. I look the same and feel the same. Everyone that sees me says they can barely tell I'm pregnant. I thank them profusely for this compliment because I know it won't last too much longer. I'm reveling in non maternity t-shirts. I spend most of my down time either doing or thinking about projects that I'd like to get done. This weekend I spray painted somethings. I even attempted to spray paint some new doors, but that was ugly, so they'll be paint brush painted next Saturday. J.rue also tried his hand at training Cooper to be he golf ball retrieval dog. It started off well and then turned into j.rue running after Cooper, while Coop tried to balance 3 golf balls in his mouth. J.rue then gave up his dreams of a golf ball retrieving dog.

Little Rue has continued to communicate with me through jabs and kicks, which still make me swoon. I hope I never take that feeling for granted with any of my pregnancies. It really is an amazing thing. I think j.rue finally felt a little flutter Friday night, but nothing big. He's just not that patient yet. So for now, it's just her and I communicating through our special language. Yesterday I got my "21 weeks" email from Baby Center. Apparently she's about 3/4 of a pound and about 10.5 inches long. I know she's folded up in there like a little origami crane, but folks, 10.5 inches is not messing around.

I also love watching J.rue add her into our everyday conversations. J.rue is the kind of guy that doesn't really like to talk about things until they're actually happening. Like I mentioned before, he would talk about names, but not really anything else baby related. It's so sweet to watch his eyes light up when he talks about his daughter. He's so excited to be a dad and I know he'll be good at it.

We had a lovely 3 day weekend. We spent time getting little projects done, eating lots and lots of food including 49 cent slurpees, yes please, and hanging out with family and friends. Yesterday  we had a little family bbq and then went to visit a few family grave sites. I love how beautiful the cemeteries look during these holidays. There are flowers galore and precious family stories being told. I'm lucky to have been raised in a family who taught me what Memorial day is really about. And while the BBQs and swimming are always an added bonus, it's the perfect time to honor ancestors, especially those who fought so hard for the freedoms we enjoy today. My Grandpa is one of my hero's and greatest example of patriotism. I love this country that I live in. 

He looks grumpy, but that's just a facade he puts on. He's really just the biggest softey you'll ever come across. All of his grandkids and great grandkids will attest.

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