Monday, January 14, 2013


Okay, I know that if you live on the Wasatch Front you were probably right in the thick of things with me, but I just gotta write about it. So, for your early disclaimer: skip if you're tired of hearing about the damn snow storm. I know I kinda am.

Thursday afternoon brought on the most vicious snow storm that I've seen in a few years. Maybe there has been worse, but at least in the past 2 years that I've been working at the U there has been no such commute that could even hold a candle to this one. My commute home took me three hours, from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. pretty much on the dot. At least things we're tied up nice and neat -- none of this 4:08 - 7:03 business. I like my numbers nice and rounded.

As I drove down the slowly declining hill that is South Temple I had vivid flashbacks of 5 years ago, almost to the day, when I totaled my car, rammed into a paraplegic (who was also in a car), who then hit a lady with expired plates and a suspended licence - all on that South Temple hill. But I think that shall be a story for another day.

The drive to the freeway took a little more time, but once I got on the freeway I was cruisin' along at a consistent 5 mph...the whole way home. I kid you not and swear up and down and up again that while my tires graced the freeway no faster speeds were had.

Luckily, I had some books on CD just waiting to be listened to. During those three hours I managed to get through 4.5 disks of this story. I recommend it by the way. About 2 hours into it and not yet even to Centerville I did one of those big yawn stretches and lo and behold, instead of a yawn came out a yell. A frustrated my bum hurts I'm hungry and I may die yell. It felt good. Highly recommended as well.

After that I decided to take some very dramatic photos of how I was really feeling, because don't tell me that a little bit of drama, kept to ones self, doesn't make things a little bit better. Please also take note that at this time I was stuck on a bridge, a mere mile from Kaysville's main street, not moving an inch - FOR 13 MINUTES. So I felt completely sure that no one was put at risk during this photo shoot. 

Luckily, J.rue got off around the same time I did and we were also on and off the phone trying to figure out the fastest way home. I chose the freeway (obv.) while he chose the back roads. He beat me home by 2 minutes. While I was sitting on that bridge for 14 minutes I did get the genius idea to order a pizza. It was there not a mere seconds after we got home. 

So, pajamas were promptly put on, candles were lit and the pizza was split right down the middle - that's a rule of Ruesch Manor -- and we hunkered down for the evening. 

A movie couldn't be agreed upon so I took the electric blanker downstairs and caught up on all the new and delicious TV that I'd missed out on that week...

And j.rue claimed the bedroom with the space heater and watched bucket loads of sports. Don't worry, goodnight kisses were still exchanged.

I had Friday off and luckily j.rue's boss said he could work from home to avoid inevitable death by snowstorm. Bless her. J.rue decided that working off his dinky laptop screen was unacceptable, so the TV was moved from the bedroom to the dining room table for the day...actually the weekend. And actually it's still there. We're going to have to fix that.

As for today? I've had better Mondays. I'm hoping today isn't a sign of what this week is to be like.

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  1. Hoping your week is better.. I love your dramatic pictures of yourself..
    we had a storm just like that last year.. lost power for three days..