Thursday, January 10, 2013


Have you ever just wanted to write a blog post, but didn't really quite have anything to write about? That's kind of how I'm feeling today, but as I look over my past year of blogging, I don't really think I did it enough. There are weird gaps and things that will be forgotten that I don't really think should be. So I'm just going to write a little. Let's see what I come up with...

This is us at Cheesecake Factory last night. Jeremy looks like someone just said something surprisingly awkward...or like I just farted on him...and I, well let's just say that dark restaurants and bright flashes are not complimentary of my pasty exterior. If I could have 3 wishes from a genie the first would have to be a good singing voice, I don't know who I would exactly want to sound like, I'm still working on that part. Maybe Mindy Gledhill or the girl from Civil Wars. Something light and dreamy. Second, I would wish to look good in every picture. I have a gift of being in all the wrong angles (wrong leg popped, droopy lip, you get the idea). The third...I haven't decided yet. Thinking of your 3 wishes is very serious business and should never be taken lightly.

Sometimes when I'm driving home I think about my 3 constant wishes. Ever since I was about 10 I've dreamed of having a star worthy vocal chords, so I just figured that one made the cut. The pictures thing is fairly new. I'll let you know in 10 years if it had what it took to stick around.

I've decided that Jeremy and I eat at Cheesecake Factory just enough, but not enough you know? When we're together we get to some serious scheming and this is our latest...We're thinking that we should go to Cheesecake Factory at least every six weeks. When there, split the Chicken Costaletta (the most divine dish) and finish up with a slice of cheesecake and a shake. Meaning, the cheesecake is mostly for me and the shake for him, with a few bites in between shared.

After dinner last night we spend the rest of the evening running to my mom's and his mom's, movies needed to be exchanged before final packing was done. We walked into my in-laws and their house was empty, meaning a lot empty. It's definitely surreal having their house packed up and only a week left of their company. I think it really hit me Monday. I had a little cry fest on the way home. It's going to be hard and different, and well, I suck at changes. So, not to dwell on the sad, when we were over there sitting all together in the empty family room, the infamous Brookie Jayde took it upon herself to provide the entertainment. She was babbling, and running, and spinning, and tumbling around like she owns the place. I hope as she gets older and the world gets to her that she can keep her strong willed spunk and enthusiasm. Oh we love that girl.

I was looking through my phone, camera, and ipad last night and realized that about a good 70% of my pictures are of her. Between her momma and everyone else who loves her, this girl is going to live a well documented life. Here's a few other from over the past year that I just love:

Oh! I love her.

And looky what we have here my friends, a blog post, pulled out of nothingness. 

Happy Thursday. It's a Thursday-Friday for me so I love it that much more. Be safe driving in the snow tonight, it's supposed to come with an angry wrath upon the freeways at about 4 pm.


  1. We would Love to join you two dir cheesecake factory sometime :) we live that place!! And ps...I can't wait for more little ruesch's. Hope we get good news soon!!!!

    1. Well, we'll be going in about a month. So plan on going with us sometime in February! I'll text you to make it official :)

  2. My entire blog is posts about absolutely nothing! But that's why I love it. Other readers might not understand, but when I look back on all my posts it brings up so many memories. I love it.

    What an adorable baby girl!