Thursday, July 5, 2012

red, white, and blue day

Now that were all grown up and working 5 days a week, we've come to the decision that middle of the week holidays are just not quite the party. We still managed to have a little lots of fun, and this is kind of how it went...

Kaysville breakfast - lots of time spent with people we love chatting with. One of this things we love about Kaysville is the small town feel, without being an actual secluded small town.  My heart belongs here.

The parade - we didn't actually go to the parade, but we did put our garbage cans on either side of the driveway as to avoid the driveway half blocked like last year. We're a whole 3 houses up from the parade route, it's a blessing and a curse To might delight, I walked outside at the exact moment a man had my garbage can in both hands, moving it to fit his ridiculously large van. I'm sure my face said it all, because really, who has the guts to do that? Our cars were in the drive way!!! But his face was classic and it made it all worth it. I made sure that he didn't block off our driveway and went on my way. I mean, it's a holiday, and what's a holiday without a good dummie story.

Suit shopping (see above): My j.rue is being shipped off to NYC a week from today and decided he needed a new suit 2 days ago. I don't know how often any of you have gone suit shopping, but getting a suit tailored in 8 days, is a little bit of work. We spent probably 6 hours in and around City Creek in two days, and I'm proud to shout HALLELUJAH! We found "the suit." I'm hoping he'll get better at it so I won't have to join as often.

Fireworks and BBQ - We had an intimate get together, kind of. Jeremy's mommy, daddy, and seester joined us, along with our friend Jorge, one of Jeremy's co workers. There was lots of burgers and ice cream involved. Oh, how I live for holiday food! Remember how I said people get kind of into saving spots for the "amazing Kaysville parade"? Well, same goes for the fireworks. We laid our blankets out around 2:30 and we got some killer spots. As always. the fireworks were fantastic and we got our fix for the year.

I'm really bad at remembering to take pictures, so I only have pictures of one event. So, here ya go!

Oh, how we love you guys. Thanks for hanging out with us! James and Melinda, we missed you! Pencil us in next year, k?

p.s. I almost cried when it started raining on my drive to work today. We need rain so bad! Please keep coming.

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