Monday, July 9, 2012

link love

I had Friday off, yes it was glorious thanks for asking, so I didn't post my link love. But, I put bucket loads of sweat, blood and tears, into these posts, so I'll be darned if they don't get posted! J.rue was gone for the weekend, so I took advantage of his absence and cleaned like a maniac. I'm talking shampooed carpets, steamed drapes, laundry washed, folded, and PUT AWAY, and washed walls. I don't mess around folks. It being such an exhilarating weekend, there are no pictures to show. Yet, another reason why there are links today. Enjoy!

Moonrise Kingdom and marriage

NO!!! and by no, I mean yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 ways to achieve the very best glamour shot.

life hacks

please drop everything you're doing right now and watch this

some things to consider...

died and gone to heaven pancakes

inside ourselves

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