Thursday, July 12, 2012

The J.rue's Gone Bucket List

That's right, today this boy flew the coop, and I'm kind of sad about it. He'll be gone for the next 11 days, and that's the longest time we'll have been apart. I'm thinking most of the time I'll be okay, I mean, we only see each other about 2 hours/day if that, not counting the 6-7 hours of shut eye that we strive for. But, I know the evening and weekends will involve a little bit of sappy saddness.

I made him promise at least 3 skype dates, a phone call once a day, and an unlimited number of texts. I think we'll make it. I may cry once, but I won't bore you with those details. On a random side note, look how small my pupils look in this picture. Creepy, right?

Okay, so the point of this post? Like I said, there will be those evenings and weekends where I need to keep busy to avoid some uncouth wailing. Enter: the bucket list. I love making lists, so why the heck not?

1. Visit my cutest cousin in  Logandale and shower her with baby gifts
2. Make my bed everyday - j.rue usually gets out of bed after me and doesn't have a love for a made bed like I do. I plan on fully taking advantage of an empty bed
3. Buy a hammock stand and read a book on it!
4. Make the circus room into a bona fide guest room.
5. Organize my closet
6. At least one sleepover and lots of girls nights

Are you super jealous of my exciting goals and aspirations? You should be. If you're in the area, know that I won't ever be too busy for you if you'd like to stop by. 

And remember, if you do, please ignore any uncouth wailings.

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