Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Post Vacationisms and Steamy Hot Vacay Part 1

We started our vacation in St. George, checking yet another thing off of the bucket list, for my cousin's homecoming. We're glad to have him back! Of course there was mucho shopping involved at the outlets. It wouldn't be a family outing without it, right? At least not one of ours.

The queen mom and I single-handedly tried on everything in the gap -- a very successful venture if I do say so myself. I talked queenie into some killer yellow pants. We're kind of twins now. Meaning, calls will be made before I venture over to her castle in Ogden wearing them. Then we headed over to old navy and waited hours for queenie M and Micah to try on their whole inventory. It was two big scoops of nice and relaxing with a cherry of smashfries on top. 

Now to the lovely ailments that I have so fondly named post vacation-isms. Have you ever noticed when you get back from a vacation, and not just any vacation, but a roadtrip, and how you feel, um, not so fresh afterwards? And the not so fresh coming from all of the junk food, fast food, and soda you've been drinking, all of the heat you've soaked in, and the lack of sleep.Just me maybe? I bring to you ism #1 - the stomach rebellion of 2012. Mine is not happy with me. at all. It's like we're not even friends anymore. I can basically eat fruit, veggies, and hummus. Do you think it's maybe trying to tell me something?

Ism #2 - I also have lovely dry itchy red spots ALL over my body. They tend to flare up when I get too hot or I try to work out. I'm going to attribute this heat rash to the 10 hours I spent in a car that was sporting a 100 degree temperature.I like of look like I'm battling a bout of leprosy. You should see my students faces when they walk into my office. I can see their mind reeling, trying to decide just how close is too close. Did I mention I was itchy? TMI, to start off your Tuesday. Welcome!

Okay, I thought I had more, but basically it's just my innards and outtards that are just not cooperating. I don't know if they just want to be back on the beach in California or if they're teaching me my lesson and strongly encouraging me to get back into my routine ASAP, or else! I'm thinking the latter.

Well, too bad body, I have girls camp next week. The next two weeks will be anything but the norm.

Maybe after that...


  1. interesting that your body reacts that way when you get too hot! stay cool!! ha. xo

  2. ugh. know the road trip feeling, but looks like you had a great time- you'll reset with rest, remaining somewhat stationary and clean food!