Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Part 2: Just Beachy

One of our first days of California was spent at the beach, and oh was it a glorious day. All of the beach essentials were present, like the subway sandwich. Have you ever eaten one on the beach? They just taste better that on a sandy beach, so do crunchy cheetos.  There was much reading and much sleeping on my part, with a little dash of wave jumping.

The only downside is that I fried the back of my legs, and I'm pretty sure there were 2nd degree burns on the back of my knees. Stay tuned, those come into play later...

I bought this natural face sunscreen what was SPF 50 by Mustella. I read some reviews on it and they did mention that it was hard to rub in. Apparently I forgot to tell j.rue. The upside is, he got no sun on his face that day! Oh and are these not the 3 cutest water babies you've ever seen?


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