Monday, March 5, 2012

New Rule: Chelsea is not allowed to write a post until said post has a TITLE

I'm a superstitious lady. I am a strong believer that good or bad weekends have precursors. Please no one tell me that I decided me own happiness because you have no control when the Universe has spoken, and I stand by that. This, my friends, is how I knew that I was destined for a good weekend when my commute home on a Friday evening looked like this:

Oh and that my hair looked like this -- because any hair that looks that put together on a Friday afternoon is always a predictor of good things to come :

Friday night we had some very best ward friends over. I'm still sad that I didn't have the sense to pull out the camera. We chatted, learned how to play Monopoly card style -- which is SO much more fun than the actual game -- I can't emphasize that enough -- and added in some Skipbo, cookies, and xbox for the boys. I have to say it was a success. Well, except for the fact that it takes j.rue and I about 13.5 times longer than the average person to learn how to play said Monopoly. We're those people. But, they did sit by us in sacrament, so we must not have driven them too bonkers.

Saturday night we had some new ward Friends over to do pretty much the same thing: chat, eat food, play games. Can you tell we like chatting, food, and games? If you do too, you're welcome to our home anytime--really. I was a little better this time and captured a tiny bit of the evening thru the eyes of my trusty phone camera.
This night involved fruit pizza, chocolate pretzels, lemon bars {thank you thank you thank you!}, and this delicious feta dip -- my first pinterest recipe, actually -- There was a rousing game of Uno followed by Cranium, a nice ice breaker if you ask me. We had a blasty-blast and quickly decided that we needed to get together on a more regular basis. 

We squeezed in one last night of entertaining Sunday. James and Melinda {the BIL and SIL}came up -- with Brookie in tow -- for dinner. We had some surprisingly good Hawiian {remember that word for later!} burgers and fries. J.rue was the grill master for the evening and didn't disappoint in anyway. The rest of the in-laws headed over after dinner for lots of chatting, can ya tell we do a lot of that around here?

Of course, Brookie was the main attraction and we couldn't help but oooh, and awww over just about everything she did. I guess that's what happens when you have such an adorable baby in the family. I mean, look at that face. Am I right?

After everyone left for the night I was left with an exhausted hus and two pooped puppies. I didn't mind though, because, as my universe had warned me during my Friday evening commute, it was a fantastic weekend. Good food, good friends, good fun. The weekend was so good to us, in fact, that it left me with one last gem before leaving for the week:

In case you were wondering, that black fluffy thing between his legs is Maggie and yes, his hands are in his pockets, lights are on, and music is playing. J.rue is quite the sleep champion if you ask me. Quite.

P.S. speaking of the universe speaking to me, I forgot my make-up today {which I apply at work, yes I do} I'm hoping this isn't a bad week omen. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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