Friday, March 2, 2012

blue and white brings me delight

You know when you see an article of clothing that you instantly fall in love with, like fall hard and know that you are destined to be together? And then you wonder, why do I love this so much? It's not really in my style realm...well except for the fact that is has stripes and is from j.crew. It's not that amazing {except it kind of is}. Then you obsess over it until you decide that it is fate that you spend the summer together.

Well, I finally figured out what to buy with my V-Day present from j.rue:

Hint: it's not the jean shorts.

I also feel that this dress and I should make a union. 

You want to hear about one last thing that I'm obsessing over? Okay, I'll tell you.

They're these saweeet customizable notebooks. You pick your cover pattern, monogram, colors, and what you want inside. Am I the only one that thinks this the fantastic news? Probably. You can have plain lines, just dots, monthy or weekly planner pages, meal planner/shopping list, or really anything you can dream up. They design it. The even mentioned exercise tracker. My heart just skipped a beat.

I think I'll start off with the menu planner. And I'm thinking it will look like this:

{Octagon in gray -- but mine will read "Bon Appetit"}
Excitedness! {and better organization, which in my case, is always a good thing}

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