Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a very merry leap day to you

Note to self: puppies do not love photo shoots past 10 pm. Look at the un-amused look on Cooper's face.J.rue was gone ballin' it up last night and I got this amazing second wind. It allowed me to stay up until 10:45. Please try not to be jealous of my granny soul.

Apparently, with it being leap day and all, strange and unusual things are supposed to happen. So far, nothing. Hoping for something unusually good and strangely fantastic to happen, maybe to mix things up a little bit. Is that too much for a girl to ask?

As of yesterday, I've totally hit a writers block. Not one single noteworthy thing has happened, nothing to ramble on and on about. Maybe it's because I've actually been sticking to a routine:

wake up
get ready
dash out of house
work, work, work
walk dogs
make dinner/lunch for tomorrow
lay out clothes

I am a routine lovah. I feel the most zen when I am in routine, but I am slowly realizing, in my old age of 22, that routines don't leave much room for little wrinkles that make my life interesting. Will I step out of said routine? Probably not, I'm kind of a wuss. Maybe in the summer. I think one becomes allergic to routines in the summer. At least I do.

I will leave you with this one tiny grain of factual food knowledge and then I will try again tomorrow:

My cute friend, Lindsey, made me an afternoon snack to substitute my normal popcorn. It's graham crackers, laughing cow cream cheese (the kind in the little silver paper wedges), and green grapes. I'm not gonna lie, little skeptical at first. Turned out to be ah mazing! And it filled me up. It's a nice combo of crunchy, salty, and sweet. So the fact is that it is delicious. Go make some. Today.

Oh, and I've also been a little superly into Coldplay lately. It's like I just can't help myself. I kind of love it.

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