Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lovers Tradition

I go through phases where I just love Pinterest to death. Then, I take a tiny break and the cycle continues. Right now I'm in love and obsessed with the appearance of love. I've been pinning Valentines Day food, decor, and cards like nobody's business.

{photos can be found on my pinboard}

I have big valentines day plans for my house folks. Okay, maybe not BIG, but I do have way to many ideas. Of course when I get this excited about something I search all corners of my brain for an excuse to decorate just that much earlier. Usually, I will put up seasonal decor a month before said event, TO THE DAY, because I don't want to miss out BUT don't want to be considered over the top {which I usually am anyway}. I'm pretty good at sticking to this rule, but for some reason I've been bitten by the love bug.

So, I thought and I thought, and then I realized that mine and J's wedding anniversary is January 9th, only 37 days before Valentines day. Ding! Idea {or excuse, whatever you want to call it}! I'll decorate the eve of January 9th so we can wake up to a house full of luurve on our anniversary. It's totally appropriate, right? Because I'm pretty sure that I don't love anyone more than J.

Problem solved.

During  work  my lunch break I made this:

Since then, I've found much cuter things to put in my red frame. But, I do have to say that people who make legit looking subway art are TALENTED. This took forever, and it kinda looks like poop. Oh well, I'll cross "making subway art" off of my possible life passions list. Thank goodness for those out there who are good at it, and are kind hearted enough to share with me FOR FREE!

Oh and if anyone wants to sit down with me and teach me how to make amazingly crafty and beautiful things from my silhouette, please leave a comment below. 

I've turned it on once and it wasn't pretty.

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  1. It's cute!! Happy Anniversary on Monday!! :)