Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1. This song has been making me happy over the past couple days.

2. Micah and Cale {brothers} came to stay with us last weekend and surprisingly, all was peaceful in Ruesch Manor over the weekend. Maybe a little too peaceful. We basically stayed in bed alllll day Saturday. I haven't done that forever. It was nice. Jeremy and Cale stayed up WAAAYYY to late on Friday night playing FIFA...or should I say Saturday morning. 6:25 am Saturday morning to be exact. Jeremy managed to get up at 8:15 am to play football. Cale did not.

3. Kaysville has the most wonderful breakfast joint, Grannie Annie's. If you are ever in Kaysville, go. But call me on your way.

4. This has been my guilty pleasure lately: A friend got me hooked. So good.

5. Friday night we went to see Green Lantern:

Ryan Reynolds is hot. The movie, not so much. Thank goodness for dollar theaters.

6. Friday night when I got home from work I had a package waiting for me. Finding packages at my door {addressed to me} is one of my most favorite things EVER. It was my Shimera pants from Nordstrom. Remember how I was hoping they were as amazing as I heard they were? They are about a million times better! I literally wore them from Friday-Monday morning, only taking them off for 1 workout session, burger club, and going to church. They are the softest, stretchiest, air-iest {is that a word?} pants ever. I've already ordered another pair. Treat yourself, you won't regret it!

7. I've had faculty/staff retreat for the past two days...meaning delicious breakfast and lunch {made to order} two days in a row. Today was Corner Bakery...one of my favorites. Have I ever mentioned that I love my job?

8. I've found my ultimate work-out duo. Kickboxing and Barre. Kickboxing pumps me up and makes me feel empowered and is a major stress reliever {how can it not be when they tell you to visualize your "enemy's" face and kick them in the gut} and Barre makes me feel graceful and strong. What else do ya need for a good self-esteem booster? I finally feel like I'm on my way to making progress towards my goals.

9. Harmon's has the best gelatto and sorbetto. I'm not as a much for the creamy taste, so I go for the sorbetto. J goes for the gelatto. It's what we did for family home evening last night.

10. My eyelashes are looking gnarly. I'm pretty sure that I only have about 8 lashes left in my right eye, maybe 15 in the right eye. If you see me in the next couple of days, just don't look too close. Thank goodness I have an appointment tomorrow night.


  1. mmm! i could go for some grannie annie's right now!

  2. Love marroon 5's new song!! good taste:)