Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. I've found this new blog that I LOVE reading. It's one I randomly found on pinterest-and It's not one of those "big" blogs that everyone reads like nie nie. So, is it weird that I've read almost every post she's had? She's just the cutest mom with the cutest kids. I love it. It makes me want to start thinking about having kids. almost. Anywho, off and on she does "ten on tuesday" and I like it. So I'm going to try it for the next few weeks. It's nice because it can be random and about 10 different things at once. Oh and if you want to read the blog that's stolen my heart you can go to it here.

2. The fire alarm went off at work today. I had just gotten a phone call from someone that I wasn't particularly wanting to deal with at the moment when it went off. perfect timing...except that I had to go to the bathroom. This is what our fire BELL looks like (yes I am in one of the oldest most decrepit buildings on campus):

3. I ordered these pants from Nordstrom yesterday: 

Apparently, they're amazing. I sure hope so. I need some good comfy pants. I found them on another one of my favorite blogs and I think I've bought almost everything that she's recommended and I've been pleased with every single thing. Really.

4. I love summer BBQ's. They might be one of my favorite things about summer. Last night we had one with some of our friends in the ward. We got to chat and meet new people, or at least put names to faces. Being in primary I know all of the kids, so it's fun to match them with their parents :) Oh, and I also go to hold the happiest most adorable chubby baby for two hours. I almost stole him and took him home. Squishy {happy} babies are the best

5. Football season is JUST around the corner. I can feel it...and hear it, and see it. Jeremy is OBSESSED. He said all that he wants for his birthday {September 26th} is to get cable so he can watch all of his football games. Oh, he also threw in that as part of his present I had to either a. learn to love watching football with him 24/7 or b. pretend to like football and not complain the whole season. I'm leaning more towards b, but there will be some complaining. It's one thing if he just watched BYU, it's another thing when it's 1 am and he's watching a "classic" BYU game from the 1980s {he knows who wins} and we must finish it. BOO.

6. I've been craving some Sweet Tooth Fairy for a while now. Particularly the vaNIElla cupcake. Like crazy. I might have to give in this weekend. My sweet husband surprised me with 6 {assorted flavors} of these delicious cupcakes for my birthday. Being on a birthday high, I wanted to share the wealth, giving away 5 out of 6 cupcakes. What was I thinking?!

7. In case you haven't noticed, I really like things{things I want, things I have, things I dream of having} you get the idea. I talk about a ton of things that I want on this blog. I know that it makes me sound wordly, and I don't mean too. It really is just a hobby. I like finding awesome new products and telling people how awesome they are. So please don't think I'm a spoiled brat, I'm really not. Just very excitable :) I do like other things too. Like cooking, squishy babies, watching movies with my husband, and nice long chats with anyone that is willing.

8. With that being said, I am pining for this new lip gloss. I'm thinking either Pink Tulle or Pink Sequin. The only problem is that it's all the way at Fashion Place mall. Not close. I cannot wait until they have a Nordstrom's downtown again.

9. I've come to appreciate my church calling in the past few weeks. I love it, and I hope I never get released. For those of you who don't know, I'm the primary chorister {every other week}. When they first called me I cried. I don't think I would ever turn a calling down, but I was seriously considering it. It stressed me out beyond belief because:

a. The thought of singing in front of people mortifies me. I don't think I even sang in front of Jeremy                              until after we were married.

b. I am one of the most least creative people I know. Growing up I had the best choristers that put a ton of time and energy into making awesome singing time props. Me? No.

c. I am not patient

I think the Lord really knew where I needed to be. I've really grown in the calling and have learned so much. I can sing in front of people primary kids and the occasional teacher now with getting clammy palms, for the most part. This probably took me the longest to get used to. It's not the kids that I worried about, but the teachers. I was positive they were snickering at me, but they're not. They're just glad they don't have my calling. Then, there are some of those primary songs that are so dang high. I just stop singing at those parts. So, I've learned to be resourceful. I'll find the song with a picture montage that someone made and put on YouTube and play it. The kids seem to really like that, and no solo for Sister Ruesch. Everyone's a winner :)

I have also learned that I can be creative in my own way. I've made up some fun games with a laundry basket, foam balls and tape and they're favorite game is hiding one of my lip-glosses and playing "hot and cold". Works like a charm. I don't need to hand-draw a picture of the first presidency or bring in a life-size {hand-made} covered wagon. I've also learned that when I am super prepared it either doesn't go right or I have 5 minutes for singing time. My best have been the one's that I make up as we go. I can't tell you how many times I have prepared for the wrong song. With that being said, I've learned to laugh at myself. And most importantly, I've learned that I am patient. Very.

So, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Heavenly Father thinks that there is much more that I need to learn from these sweet kids and my wonderful primary presidency. I'm praying I'm in for the long haul.

10. I have been eating mounds and mounds of fruit lately. It's all that my body craves. I think that it knows that this delicious seasonal fruit will not be in season soon, which makes me sad. There's nothing like a cold nectarine on a hot day. Can I get an amen? 

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