Friday, July 1, 2011


Well folks, it's officially July, the best month of this whole year. No, not just because it's my birthday (well a lot of it is) but the best part is I get to be an auntie! ...and the day before my own birthday, is that a good present or what?!

Look how cute she is going to be...

I'm so stinkin' excited!

Jeremy and I are looking forward to the loooong weekend, I think we need it. Here's the agenda:

Friday - Date Night
-camp fire in our back yard with toasted marshmallows
-there's been talk of setting up the tent and sleeping in it - we'll see if that really happens :) I hope so.

Saturday - Pre-4th Festivities
-football for Jeremy, plumber and carpet repair for me (does that sounds fair?)
-Kaysville parade
-relaxing and hydrating
-Stadium of Fire! I've never been, so I'm excited

Sunday - Recuperation
-singing time with my cute primary-ers
-Sunday nap
-possible BBQ and fireworks with Jeremy's fam?


Monday - America's Birthday!
-BBQing -  do we sound like die hard carnivores or what?
-Kaysville Fireworks
-Crashing - I'm sure I will be drained, but in a happy way :)


Does your family have any fun 4th of July traditions? I'm making a traditions list that I must start next year.

Happy Independence Day! Go watch some fireworks.


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  1. yay for the 4th and fireworks! Kaysville's are the best!