Monday, June 6, 2011

Rooftop Concert Series

This weekend Jeremy, James, Melinda, and I went down to Provo for one of their Rooftop Concert Series. If you haven't heard of them, it is probably something you should put on your summer bucket list. It's on a roof top {duh} in Provo Town Square. You take your blankets or camping chairs and hunker down for the evening.

This particular evening Meaghan Smith and, my most favorite, Mindy Gledhill. She's pregnant, so this might be the last time she performs for a while.
It was super packed, we got there about an hour an a half early and got pretty good seats in the middle of it all. The whole roof was full to the brim, tons of people standing. Here is the view from our seats:

Before the concert they had a cute little market in the square below. People were selling cupcakes, cute baby bows, and Basa Body Lotion. I've been wanting to try the Body Stick, so this was the perfect opportunity. All of their stuff is made out of coconut oil, so it smells delicious and is good for your skin. PLUS, it benefits women in Kenya.
I know I've blogged about Mindy Gledhill, but JUST IN CASE you missed it, I found another one of her music videos. I think it's cute:

Meaghan Smith was the headliner and she was so good! I'd never heard of her before the concert announcement, but her songs are really fun. I think I need her CD. Here's one of her sad but super upbeat songs :)

We had a really good time and plan on going a few more times this summer. If you plan on going let us know! They are the first Friday of every month during the summer.

Happy Monday! It's finally starting to feel like summer yay!!!


  1. How cool i didn't even know about this and we live so close! If we can we will definitely try to go one of the next two times, it looks way fun! And I loved that song by Meaghan i'm going to have to check her out a little more!

  2. Brooke! If you go let us know! I'd love to see you

  3. This looks way cool. Where cab I find their schedule of performers? And when are we going to go camping?!

  4. Yeah, events like that are very cool. Aside from the music, you get to experience the lively and fun atmosphere. Summer is a time for fun, after all.