Monday, May 16, 2011

...and that's a wrap!

It's official folks, I am a college graduate with a B.S. in Community Health Promotion & Education!

 It was a fun night with lots of fun people. I had a whole crowd cheering for me, and boy did I hear them cheering when I walked across the stage : )

I loved having them all there and felt very loved...

Especially from this guy...

Oh and isn't my family just the cutest?

I got to lead my class in mom thought it was because I was the top of the class {this was not the case}. Donny Osmond also attended my graduation, I thought that was pretty neat. I noticed that afterwords he was swarmed by about ten 50 something year old women. I couldn't help but giggle.

After all of us went to Olive Garden and extended the celebration another two hours. It was a lovely evening. Each of these people have contributed on way or another to the completion of my degree. I love them all so much and am so grateful to them.

What's next you ask? Maybe a masters, maybe a baby, maybe Costa Rica. We'll see...


  1. Congrats look so happy! So glad everyone came to cheer for you. yay!

  2. Congratulations Chelsea! That's a great accomplishment. And yes, your family IS the cutest!

  3. Congrats Chelsea!! What a great accomplishment!!!