Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FHE done right.

Jeremy and I have never really been good at doing family home evening. We're usually busy running around doing a million other things. Well, our bishop gave us a stern talking to at tithing settlement and we decided to try and make it a habit.

It's been a tiny bit difficult because Jeremy is more of a traditionalist and thinks it needs to be a full blown song, prayer, lesson, prayer, treat kind of deal and I on the other hand think more along the lines of one verse of scripture, fun thing, food. So we compromised and decided to take turns.

That convo was actually how the first 10 minutes of our fhe started {don't duplicate that part}. Jeremy wanted to show me this beautiful "gully" that ended up being a  dirty ditch and I wanted to count it as our fhe 'cause I had some homework to do. He wouldn't have it. So we argued a bit and then kinda gave up.

Then Jeremy wanted to show me where to polygamist families live in Layton. We found no proof of the polygamists BUT a new mutual hobby was born. We spent the next, oh two hours, driving around Layton and Fruit Heights/Farmington looking at huge gorgeous houses. I was drooling. In between Layton and Fruit Heights we stopped at Baskin Robbins and I have decided on the ultimate best ice cream combination:
Cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears. 
There are no gummy bears in the picture because I ate them all. Don't judge just try it.

So we headed off to Farmington and then I decided that I wanted to take pictures of some of the houses I liked. I think we looked kind of creepy, especially when I got caught : )

There were some way better ones but I didn't decide to get creepy till the end. Since this is a new found love and hobby of ours I'm sure there will be more pictures to come. However, I did manage to find the winner of the evening:
And just in case some of you don't get my sarcasm, I'm kidding. Really.

The evening ended at Firehouse Pizza, unfortunately since we had eaten dessert first there was no FH'zzookie involved. If you haven't had one get your tiny tushes over there TODAY!

Three hours later we ended our family home evening. It was a fabulous night. So, if you ever need an idea for date night or FHE try the house tours, ice cream and pizza combo. It won't disappoint.

And since this is a personal story I thought I would add an actual picture of us. No, its not attractive and who knows what my hand is doing, but we love us.

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