Monday, April 4, 2011

Keepin' Me Honest

EDIT: I am proud to report that I did it!!! Now, to keep this up for rest of the week.
p.s. thanks jessie for reminding me...miss and love you : )
oh and call me!!!

Jeremy and I had a most fabulous weekend, of which I will talk about more tomorrow. Right now I need a favor. I need someone{s} to report to, and the hubs just isn't cuttin' it. Don't get me wrong he's a wonderful source of support but I'm not very nervous about what he thinks about me.

So what I need for your is to check back later today...maybe 12:00 ish and make sure that I made it to the gym this morning before work. I took last week to get used to getting up early and working all day and then coming home and doing homework. Not so fun, but it's just how it is for the next bit. Now, I feel that I'm getting in the groove of things and have no more excuses. I have to start seriously training for the Ragnar.

{and if I get a body like this while doing it, so be it}

I have been running, but I'm starting to feel the heat as the date is within grasp. So please, check back and if I have to sheepishly admit that I didn't make it -- leave me a nasty comment or something. Just not too harsh because I can be quite sensitive : )

Pressure's on...


  1. Hey Chelsea:
    Not like you would know this, but I suck hardcore at working out...
    (Hence my Freshman 15..or 20 up at USU). But I have been going religiously for 6 weeks and the ONLY thing that has kept me going is having a work-out buddy. I know that there is someone waiting on me. So I would suggest getting a partner, because it is the only thing to guilt you into going...or at least in my case.
    I would be your WOB (work-out buddy) but it would take me too long to come and get you :)

  2. katie your sweet, maybe one day we'll live close enough to be workout buddies: )

    Jessie if you read this please refer to the note at the top of the post

  3. way to go chels! how you did it on this specific monday i will never know! that early morning killed me today! so gold star to you!